Old soul! Searching for the answers to the marvels of our universe. Jimmy Church Radio F2B has been a great educator . Before that Open Minds with Bill Jenkins. Before that Art Bell radio. I have been in the Healing Arts since 1986. Studied at Emperor's College of Oriental Medicine. Studied ancient oriental ideas of medicine as well as Ayurvedic medicine. Studied at the SCPI Southern California Psychic Institute. Things I think: I am concerned about the chem trails and hope that they have not destroyed our ability the think and see what is THERE. However, these are very exciting time . A profound area of study is SOUND AND FREQUENCY. Sound can heal us but it can also destry us. Solfeggio Frequency music very enchanting.... SOUND is A giant field to study. But I am working dilgently... The frequency of 432 Hz - heart chakra is a beautiful place to start. Check out my page web, constantly building more informaiton.
  • Healing Arts MassageSoundHealing at Traveling MassageSoundHealing.com
  • Studied Healing Arts and Business at Fullerton college, SoCAL Psychic Institute, Massage School of Santa Monica,
    Class of
  • Lives in LA HABRA
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  • May 30, 1959
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