Sterling Nicole Bennett, a writer for Divine Frequency and a millennial on a mission to shine a light on the astral world, was born with a vivid pre-birth memory. She continues to experience frequent astral encounters involving interdimensional portals, repeating simulations, departed family members, and more. Her goal is to help others discover the keys they need to unlock their own door to the astral plane. Sterling believes to truly understand the astral plane, you must experience the magic for yourself. She hopes to help bridge the gap between mainstream depictions of the astral realms and the truth of what is really out there.
  • How Games Like Animal Crossing Secretly Battle Depression
    (Sterling Nicole Bennett) With World Mental Health Day approaching on October 10th and the recent announcement of the Nintendo Switch addition to the Animal Crossing franchise, it seems like the perfect time to dive into the topic of maintaining the balance between life and virtual worlds. Related Is Virtual Reality a Paradise or Mental Biohazard? by Sterling Nicole Bennett,...
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  • 3 Hidden Warnings from American Horror Story: Apocalypse
    (Sterling Nicole Bennett) Ballistic Missile threats, DNA conspiracies, and direct references to our ET alien neighbors are only a few of the messages communicated in "The End." Is American Horror Story warning us of a nuclear threat? Related Why Is FEMA Testing a Nation-Wide Emergency Alert? by Sterling Nicole Bennett, September 18th, 2018 This article contains...
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  • 3 Shocking Interdimensional Adventures at ECETI Ranch
    (Sterling Nicole Bennett) This feeling could only be described as being smeared from one reality to the next. I could hear my screams slow down as if they were being pulled out of me. There was a weight on my chest like I was under water. I heard a voice in my head that I did not fully recognize as my own. “Relax, go with the flow. Ride this out.” Related SoulTech Changed My...
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  • Interview: Teresa Yanaros on Music Video Symbology, Creating Divine Frequency, and Becoming an Author (Video)
    (Sterling Nicole Bennett) Join Teresa and I as we delve into Teresa’s journey of uncovering esoteric truths, public speaking, and the birth of Divine Frequency. Related God is Not a Woman, Ariana Grande. by Sterling Nicole Bennett, July 25th, 2018   This article appeared first on Divine Frequency. This article...
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  • Astral Overlap and a Precognitive Dream
    by Sterling Nicole Bennett, June 6th, 2018 As many of you know, I have just returned from Contact in the Desert 2018. The conference was filled with amazing speakers, conversations, and naturally, synchronicities. Let’s back up a bit to the week before the conference. What Happened When L Died Recently, I have started a new day job at a health foods store. I haven’t had much...
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  • We all need a reminder to stay focused on our mission, whether that be something as big as saving the world or something as small as getting out of bed in the morning. The universe sends us distractions in the form that presents the greatest challenge. By overcoming these challenges, we learn responsibility to ourselves and what it means to be on this path. Fight for the truth. Fight for focus.

    #focus #spiritual #metaphysical #inspiration
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  • Hi guys!

    I’ll be leaving for Contact in the Desert today.
    Be on the look out for live videos on Stillness in the Storm, Divine Frequency and here all weekend.

    Also add me on Snapchat for extra goodness
    Sterling Nicole Bennett
    Sterling Nicole Bennett. 253 likes. Hi! My name is Sterling Nicole Bennett and I'm a millennial on a mission to spread truth and light.
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  • Breaching the Veil, Mediumship, and Smoke Portals LWAP
    Last Week on the Astral Plane… The following dream sequence includes white smoke portals, classrooms, mind control gas, and a moment in which I break through the astral veil and affect another person. After the dream, I confirm the event with the person and watch a man hover above his own body after a deadly car accident on the highway. I was at a school of some kind and I was trying...
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  • An Airplane Built for Zero Gravity LWAP
    (Sterling Nicole Bennett) Last week on the Astral Plane… I was in a large gathering in an indoor stadium. Next to me sat my high school best friend V. We were reunited after all this time, surrounded by people we’ve never met. We were all gathered for a purpose, of which we were unsure. But at least we knew each other. V and I watched as a woman with brown hair screamed and went...
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