• Ok, time for another little snippet of experience... copied from OBE / NDE group:

    I had a lucid dream when I was in junior high. I was in Mr. Falconer's class, a rugged Australian man with a notable reputation for pain inflicted when swatting students with a paddle for disciplinary purposes. Since I knew I was in a dream, I got the brilliant idea to pull a prank. I decided to aggravate Mr. Falconer to the point he would take me out into the hall and give me a paddling, but right before he made contact, I would wake myself up and disappear, blowing the minds of everyone around! Well, it worked... except, when I woke up, I realized I had just pulled myself out of a lucid dream, and the only one that got played was myself for waking myself up, as it was a dream and no one was going to notice I had disappeared!

    Fast forward several years as I was having a near death experience. The best way I can explain my perception of truth is this... being in that enlightened state I realized that the current reality I was experiencing was like my lucid dream experience. When I woke myself up, and realized I had just been dreaming, I felt the same way in my enlightened state when I realized I was in a truer reality that my physical life experience. I was more conscious and aware of a truer reality that in my physical state of awareness.

    Something to think about.
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