• It was suggested I might post some of what I do and the things I enjoy, to move past my natural shyness. So...here goes.

    I am an intuitive, and an empath. I do energy body work and I am a certified Jikiden Reiki practitioner. I've been exploring mediumship, after working with a local group of paranormal investigators. I think there is far more to this world, this Universe than what we can merely see and touch. Everything is made up of energy, and when you learn to see and feel the subtle changes around you, the whole world seems to shudder and breathe, opening up a much wider scope of understanding.

    If you asked me when I first became aware of spirit or energy and other realms I would have to say one of my earliest memories was telling my mother I saw her crying and talking to me from somewhere above her. I described her dress and the house in detail. A house I had never been in, because they moved away from that city before I was born. I can distinctly remember the moment that I realized I could not see behind me without turning around. I was three and it upset me terribly. My mother asked me what was so upsetting about it and I placed my fingers like goggles around my eyes, as if seeing out from inside. She explained that I was inside my body and that it was fine. It was fine, after awhile.

    I've always felt apart from others. I was always closer to adults than any children my age. Severely dyslexic as a child, I read backward and upside down. I learned to read very early and have been a voracious reader ever since, though now I know to hold the book properly.

    I was blessed with a Native American grandfather who taught me everything has a heartbeat if you are quiet and listen, and if you sit very still, others will come to you. Two legged and four legged and some with feathers and some with scales. Quiet became a natural state of being for me.
    I am alright with my quiet but sometimes, others are not.

    I'm poly, and pagan. Married with five kids and two grandchildren. I love painting, photography and poetry, though I am not particularly good at any of them. lol I ended up here on the suggestion from a friend on twitter. I am looking forward to meeting new people and learning more. Always, learning more!

    Thank you Khufu for making the suggestion, I doubt I would have done this otherwise.
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  • Vassilis Tangoulis #photography #art
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  • I am new here and still finding my footing. Have patience with me, I am extremely shy. I am enjoying exploring the site and look forward to getting to know more of you.
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