Journeywoman Landscape Gardener, Horticulturist. I love the trees, all stones, all life; I love the air, the water, all four-legged, winged and water creatures, tiny and huge, ugly and cute. I see more than what is before me but still have a lot to learn, so much to learn, may I never stop learning! I love, but don't fully grasp, physics, math, chemistry. I love Sacred Geometry and the fact that everything has its nature in this. I love seeing the fractals in the branches and roots and water and love being surprised at the beauty in the mundane. I love listening to stones and trees, they are full of wisdom! I strive to be more calm, cognizant and compassionate. I pray for wisdom. I am grateful for the synchronization of my life that has led me here. And I am learning to find more joy in every day, and gratitude. Namaste
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