Hello and welcome all to my page! I am a person that has been born awake, as a possible Star Seed, Philosoper and an Empath. I was already aware of that something was very wrong about the world already when I was just 3 years old. I could sense a presence of negative energy in the world, but I didn't know what it was back then. Later on when I started to go outside more and more, I began to study everything and everyone around me from a distance, to be able to answer many of different questions I had at that time. Few of those were: why does people rob and kill each other? Why is there so much competition between people and sadness everywhere? This was when I was three to five years old. And then when I was five something amazing had happened. One day, after two hours I went to sleep, which was about 11 pm, I began to feel that someone or something was in my room there with me. I slowly started to wake up and open my eyes, and then I saw a white, blue and red light streaming through my window. I got up and went to see what it was... there outside my window was hovering a space ship and it was about 20 meter wide. In that moment a child would be scared, but I was not. In fact I was very calm, too calm. I decided or it was decided for me to open the window and so I did. Then I needed to jump, about one and a half meter over to the ship, before entering it. And this was all happening on the fifth floor. After I sat down inside, the ship accelerated very fast, without me feeling any g-force and traveled about 500 km within 3-5 seconds. It was flying 200-400 meters over ground.(The reason that I know this is, because the ship got very close to my country's border. From my home to the border was about 500 km.) But this is not all... After that the ship begun to go higher and ended at about 10 km in the air. I started to wonder what was happening and then it moved slowly forward about 40 meters until the whole ship went through some kind of invisible and out of phase shield from the outside. There it landed on a pad of a 1-2 km. wide, big flying city! After I went of the ship, I was welcomed by four extraterrestials with different skin color... red, blue, green and yellow. They were no hostile towards me or anything like that, in fact they bowed in front of me. After this I was asked to fallow them or someone else (can't remember exactly) to a round building, about 100-150 meters in front of me. There was thousands of ETs everywhere. After entering this building I have woke up in my bed and the time was 8 am. Now this is the most interesting part... All of this, this dream or real event has been happening to me, between 2-5 times per month for six years!!! From the age of five to eleven. And I always have been waking up after entering this round building. And I can't remember anything beyond that point. Now before those encounters had ended when I was eleven years old, after the first third or so time when I still was just five years old, I started to understand even more about the world and now I didn't just ask more questions only started to protest about everything that is bad and evil about the world. And when I was seven or eight I decided that I want to save the world, so I started to plan the best way to do that. When I has become twelve years old, I have completed my plan. Now I needed to find people, possibly millions of people to make this happen and of course a lot of money. To make long story short, I couldn't find anyone that could understand me or my plan so I never talked to any person, beside my mom about what I wanted to do. Years went by and I started to isolate myself from the people. I began to concentrate much more on my own development between age 13-22 and started to train Boxing, Fencing, Karate and Kung Fu. Finally after 28 years of my life, I have found one person that could understand my plan of saving the world. His name was Mr. Jacque Fresco (Venus Project) and he wanted to do almost the same thing that I was planning on doing. But he died at the age of 101 and I only saw him once. Eight month after his death I have found some really amazing people on the Internet, that I have been fallowing for 2-4 years now, like David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Dr. Steven Greer, Emery Smith, Jordan Sather, Bridget Nielsen, Teresa Yanaros and others. I wish that I knew all of those people much sooner, so maybe I wasn't so lonely half my life. And if I knew before that I was also a Starseed my whole life would be completely different. Ok this profile got long enough (lol). Thank you to anyone for reading this all. And English is not my first language. :)
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