There’s been subversive elements in the community this past 12 months who have been going out of their way to sling as much mud as possible in the hopes that some will stick. It would seem that on twitter recently there have been elements who have taken to returning fire, revealing background details on the mud-slingers. They aren’t happy. CW Chanter (Benjamin I. Zavodnick,...
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  • QQQ What is a HoneyPot?
    What IF? Onstellar was actually a gov/cabal backed program to herd the community into one location because facebook became too much to handle and the Alliance is working to Free Facebook? Onstellar Servers are Amazon?!! Knowing this, is it possible that you can trick the members in the community that they are safe from being watched because of the type of tech but instead its just a nice one little stop shop for the gov/cabal to find everyone and see every thing because they have infiltrated the service with tons of their own agents and bot accounts? Have we seen big names Stab other community members in the back recently? Who has HOLLYWOOD connections? Who works well with a known Gtv online network? R Dolan and Gtv Senior Director best buddies... publicly stated. Fade2dark turning on David W ? and SBA? All for a Larp? Its a LOT of hate and backstabbing for a LARP... Who else getting slammed by the established media... Q is. Hmm Q has used three of David Wilcocks books as trip codes, Q has referenced Jordan Sather, Corey has posted before there was a Q that the Alliance asked POTUS to run for office. When I look at the big names in this community I see those who dont believe in Q decide to turn on those who do. And those who are turning are HIGHLY tied to Hollywood and Hollywood interests. Hmmmm. What you going to do when Q comes out? Will you even be free? Over 55,000 Sealed indictments.
    Q Exec Orders Human Trafficking and Possible Scope of Affect on Media Entities
    I would Not like to be a Media company or Entity that has any type of ties to cabal, illuminati, or global sex of any trafficking ring. Executive Order 2018 Short Summary Only - *point of interest - Any company or entity related to or found assisting or abetting any person or organizational entity found guilty of Human Trafficking may and will have action taken against them.

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  • G-TV board of Directors: Nothing To See Here
    So what's the whole deal going on in Denver and the surrounding area, in Colarado? I began hearing stuff about venues popular with the illuminupty, and so did something of a search for myself on what ties this area to these Luciferean secret societies. I was stunned by how much I found One particular report I read claimed a whistleblower had come forward, having refused to have any part in...
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  • the RIGHT-BRAIN: feminine/ masculine BALANCED value to our COMMUNITY
    38.4 ▶ Questioner: Was this inspiration a— Would an entity impress the person desiring the information with thoughts? Would this be the mechanism of inspiration? Ra: I am Ra. The mechanism of inspiration involves an extraordinary faculty of desire or will to know or to receive in a certain area accompanied by the ability to open to and trust in what you may call...
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    SYNOPSIS For some reason, at this particular time: just as Corey Goode (along with a lot of other amazing people like Jordan Sather, David Wilcock, Dr. Michael Salla and Roger Richards), is releasing “Above Majestic” and the Graphic Novel (Illustrated by Stephen Cefalo) “Return Of The Guardians” . A seemingly coordinated attack has been launched online by...
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  • Latest thoughts regarding THE ATTACKS ON COREY GOODE
    Who is the Dark Journalist©? So I began looking into who this guy is, why so much hate… and I found a familiar story after attempting to look into Jason Rice. Nothing. I don’t mean nothing juicy, I mean his internet record prior to coming out 2015 appears to have been scrubbed. This means that the snippets that can be found are likely only breadcrumbs that were designed to...
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  • Corey's Trademarks: Reburn of the Guardrails
    Hello, Eric here from Disclosure Backpack. Like many of us, I have a day job so I don't have anywhere near the amount of time I'd like to further disclosure. If I wanted to focus my efforts on disclosure like Corey Goode and others are doing, I'd have to make an income from those efforts so as not to spend so much of my time at my day job.    Corey Goode and his team are getting...
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    Once again, Corey Goode seems to be coming under fire from various elements “in” the community, apparently for the grand crime of protecting his intellectual property. Now, I understand a lot of people have a problem with this concept, but it is common practice, and corporations and independents operate under this law (usually) without problem. But this isn’t the first little...
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  • Anshar challenge, Operation “Consciousness Renaissance”!
    The following is from Corey Goode's Facebook post.   Anshar challenge, Operation “Consciousness Renaissance”! To expand the consciousness of humanity we must begin a campaign to flood the mainstream media with higher consciousness Art, Music, and Media. We have spent enough time sharing our knowledge only within the confines of our own community. Many of us have realized...
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