Been hunting Star craft for over 20 years. Chemtrails for almost as long. For some reason I have amazing success with hunting them, interacting with them, and getting them to show up for photos and videos. I have a thousand photos, and more video than I can shake a stick at. Of more types of UFO craft than A person can imagine. Lately I have discovered a new facet to all this...one that literally shook my world. Something so big and so vast, which has such massive implications to the humans and the earth, that it is still sometimes hard to digest. But it's real. I have photos of it. I can see it with my eyes and my professional camera gear. I know the best conditions to see them, and what time they prefer to show up. This is factual. I have proof. Just nobody to share it with, or take it seriously. Even though the evidence is in front of their faces. We're on the verge of something so massive that only Jesus returning is comparable in size and scope. Friend me. Let's talk. I need people who will be proactive, not scared to hunt them, or confront them. And by "them", you know who I speak of. It is time to burst the bubble of secrecy and government monopoly. The earth can't take it. Humans can't take it. And now, time is almost up. Time to fight the military indistrial complex and bring free energy to the entire world. Tesla would agree with me on this.
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