• New Documentary Extraterrestrial Highway - They Have Always Walked Amongst Us...2019

    This New Documentary Exclusive to Ufonly takes you on a historical journey through Ufology, trying to explain the phenomena relating to the Sky People, Root Races, Contactee’s and Time Travellers.
    Produced by Jason Gleaves and Narrated by Tony Topping.

    Posted by Jason Gleaves, international author of ‘UFO PHOTO’ and ‘The Ufology Umbrella’ plus Ufonly on Facebook, Twitter and Onstellar, Please like and share all pages.

    Ufonly YouTube link:-

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  • Large Unexplained Object Captured in Lunar Orbiter 3 Image - Frame 3973 (1967)

    This is one of my old archive lunar images which I first posted in 2014, and as technology has moved on regarding image analysis I thought I’d give it another run through, I wasn’t disappointed with the results.
    When viewing lunar images I don’t know about you but I find this image so compelling in its authenticity and detail.
    It was taken by the Lunar Orbiter 3 spacecraft
    and launched by NASA in 1967 as part of the Lunar Orbiter Program. It was designed primarily to photograph areas of the lunar surface for confirmation of safe landing sites for the Surveyor and Apollo missions.
    In this image I think someone beat them to it, and landed a huge craft in comparison to the Apollo lunar landers.

    The spacecraft was placed in a cislunar trajectory and injected into an elliptical near-equatorial lunar orbit on February 8 at 21:54 UT. The orbit was 210.2 by 1,801.9 kilometres (130.6 mi × 1,119.6 mi) with an inclination of 20.9 degrees and a period of 3 hours 25 minutes. After four days (25 orbits) of tracking the orbit was changed to 55 by 1,847 kilometres (34 mi × 1,148 mi). The spacecraft acquired photographic data from February 15th to 23rd February, 1967, and readout occurred through March 2nd, 1967.
    The film advance mechanism strangely showed erratic unknown behaviour during this period resulting in a decision to begin readout of the frames earlier than planned.
    The frames were read out successfully until March 4th when the film advance motor burned out, leaving about 25% of the frames on the takeup reel, unable to be read.
    It would be interesting to get hold of that unseen data and images reel, basically to see what they would reveal...?

    In the image after using enhancing techniques we can clearly see a large cylindrical shaped object sitting in one of the distant lunar craters which resembles some kind of craft, exhibiting a large fuselage structure, distinctly pointed at one end like a modern day aircraft cockpit and darkened windshield.
    Along its fuselage structure detailed areas can clearly be seen giving defined detail and again characteristic shadows of light on a cylindrical metallic shape. Behind the object it is also exhibiting a distinct crisp shadow which follow the exact same contour of the object.
    Along the object darker areas give the impression of air-intakes or possible access points.
    What ever it is..? it is definitely large and distinctly different to its surroundings on the image, as always you decide.

    Posted by Jason Gleaves international author of ‘UFO PHOTO’ and ‘THE UFOLOGY UMBRELLA’ plus Ufonly on Facebook, Twitter, and Onstellar, Please like and share all pages.

    Mission: Lunar Orbiter 3
    Spacecraft Position:
    Altitude: 62.79 km
    Latitude: 4.99°
    Longitude: 5.60°
    Principal Point:
    Latitude: 7.59°
    Longitude: 6.60°
    Sun Azimuth: 92.40°
    Incident Angle: 83.35°
    Emission Angle: 55.19°
    Phase Angle: 101.30°
    Alpha: -22.13


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  • What was the Strange Object in Earth Orbit and in very Close Proximity to Astronauts during a Space Walk, also seen by many yesterday (12th September 2019) on the SpaceX Live Camera feed.
    Now these photographs have been removed.
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  • A Huge Thank You to Everyone who has bought my books, I feel exceptionally privileged to have sold it Worldwide reaching a much larger audience. You can purchase copies from Amazon and Amazon Download plus Flying Disk Press, Please feel free to leave a review.
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  • One of my older video/image projects.

    Twin Disk Shaped Objects Captured Over Busy Street in Mexico....

    This is really good footage which has emerged of Twin Disk Shaped Objects Captured Over Busy Street in Mexico...?
    They appear to hang motionless above the busy street below, you get the feeling that they are observing the hustle, bustle of the local civilisation as they go about their business...
    I have no other information regarding its authenticity only that it was taken in Mexico.
    At one point of the footage a Bus passes between the two Objects and the camera operator, upon closer analysis of the footage you can see one of the Disks through a passenger window which I have highlighted in my video. Also studying the frames taken from the original source footage you can see that the two Objects are slightly different in design and shape, also at one point on the Top Object you can see a Sun reflection on the top Dome structure. As always you decide...
    I have inverted and filtered frames taken from the original source footage to enhance the detail.

    Posted by Jason Gleaves author of ‘UFO PHOTO’ plus Ufonly on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Onstellar, Please like and share all pages.

    Video via Ufonly YouTube:-
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