I meditate at least once a day sometimes twice a day and fly fish at least twice a week and always return it to the water. I do my best to get in at least 2 CONTROLLED remote viewing sessions. That's if they are short targets. lol...In the future I will be having a bunch of events hopefully to show my true character. It will mostly have to do with meditation, positive affirmations,soul searching an last but not least remote viewing data... Lots of Love Mike Vastsin
  • Vril Part 3
                                                                          Vril Part 3                                        ...
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  • Q-Anon Update 1PM EST Sept 28th With New VIDEO AND PICS
    Hey everyone, Just thought I'd put up the latest Q posts and the video below is the explanation's of the Q announcements. It's all really interesting how much of this world is corrupt, and now how the people of the world are wanting to clear house to cut out the BULL>.I am a Canadian and I still am paying attention to your U.S. Politics, as much as my own politics. But what happens down...
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  • Remote Viewing Qanon: Final Session! Artificial Intelligence
    Hey there everyone, This last session is the last remote viewing data from Edward about Q-Anon. This one reverts right back to the creepiness that I was talking about in the previous remote viewing data. The video below is well summed up at the beginning by Ed and he does a good job getting the basic point across. I still think the people working with Q and that Q can't fully be trusted but I...
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  • Advanced AVIATION Threat Identification Program (AATIP) Document Surfaces Under FOIA
    After nearly a year of filing FOIA requests on the Advanced AVIATION Threat Identification Program (AATIP), I believe this is the first document with some substance about what the media called the, "Pentagon's Secret UFO Study," that has been released officially under FOIA. (At this point, we have only had "leaked" documents and unconfirmed records.)   This was released to me in FOIA...
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  • Q-ANON After The Event Horizon -WOW WEIRDNESS
    Hey-Yoh Everyone, Well Edward has put out another RV session regarding Q-ANON and I put the video below. This time it was a little less worrisome but it is still apart of that crazy stuff that was remote viewed earlier I guess. All Edward was given was the target Number 2794-4902. That's All... All of his work was done blind and after he got his feed back that his target was Q-anon he started...
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  • Creepy Q-ANON next chapter ; Remote viewing the frightful future
    Hey there everyone, Okay, so,... Q-anon officially creeps me out. I have a feeling that they put some sort of an AI machine in charge of putting out material and some of its past stuff totally makes sense now cause no one talks the way they do on there. 4 men and an AI bot. With a lot of $ at their disposal. Anyways. More than one source has come through with that info. But the video below...
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  • WOW< Q-Anon Is not what we thought now is it???
    Hey there Everyone, WOW, This new part 3,4 and 5 of Edward's Remote Viewing sessions really brings some intense feelings forward for me. I previously put up part 1 and 2 so you can find those on my page and I will link below also. But, I have heard a lot of these things from people in this field but when you end up getting rv sessions like this it really freaks you out. Below I am posting...
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  • Q- anon and what is really going on?
    Hey-Yoh Everyone, Q-anon has been putting out all sorts of things recently and has some people in a bit of an up-roar. Some people don't care and others are right into the mix. I started to pay attention a little bit recently and I have to say that I am not sure how much I trust those who are handing out this information but it does seem like they are trying to do some good. Below is a video...
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  • Antarctica - What Secret Is This?
    Hey there again everyone,   I just updated this article. I realised I didn't put in links to check it out for yourself. ITS SO SO SO CRAZY< JUST CHECK IT OUT PLEASE> 75°00'47.0"S 0°04'52.7"E https://goo.gl/maps/Uzbd4GxLnv22 I literally just wrote an article on remote viewing and it's language.... But right now I am wanting to talk and discuss this new image on...
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  • Remote Viewing Exercises to Improve your Life
    Hey-Yoh There, This is another Great Interview With Lyn Buchanon, who is a fabulous remote viewer and is a business owner who is a very successful Remote Viewing Teacher. This Interview goes through incredible exercises to make yourself an even better RV (Remote-Viewer) . He tells it like it is and fully goes into each aspect of how to apply these exercises in your everyday life. In...
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