• Unbounded visions
    Futuristic streams of destiny pulling portions of soul into one Separated bloodlines undergoing transmutations within the sun Bright coronal plumes change the nature of a living cell Dipping in cosmic rivers of magical kinds, we cannot tell Still forks of alterations keep a fated path ever divided Left to those not third eye blind finding a way to fight it Gripped by ultimate knowing...
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  • Stranger then we think
      There are time when the rubber meets the road that makes things are to deny.....maybe there is truth in fiction....and not all knowledge is given by researchers and scientists. Perhaps at times more credit much be given to the blinded prophets of this world, tapping into the Universal consciousness. Is it possible that even TSR creators where paying attention to work being done years...
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  • Keys to the universe
    There are some who feel we are a race on a prison planet, some sort of holding for broken or evil bloodlines. And there may be truth to this with all the bloodshed that has gone on for the last 5000 years. Yet, we find ourselves in a curious shift that is changing the brain to resort to more than mere thuggery. It is often strange for people to think of the maternal influence of it all, the...
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  • Broken records
    We live in a world full of broken records, wrought with cracks and gaps that skip often. In as much as we are individual, we are all on the same path. Some, even many if not most are unsure what that path is. To some, it is a path of service to others over "the self". I will not quote books or famous people's words, merely speak from my gut, my intuitive center. In the "old ways" of service,...
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  • Ever merely wonder why...
    Embrace Steel against the torrent as it bites into the skin, feel the concrete crumble as water seeps from within.  Hold the heart in earth where the mother knows far better, breathe in cooling air to quench the fires of forever. Tear apart the ego until the tower comes crashing down, plant the roots in deeply as to remember oneness with the ground. Never forget the daydreams that...
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  • Eyes of the Egyptian Mistress
    Warmed sand from the hot day slides between her slider toes,Her soft delicate ankles flex so tenderly with each step,Smooth calves pull taut with petite strength, yet so frailly,The falling sun dances on her hip and thigh seductively,(A woman of complete sexual power, yet seemingly helpless,Only as fragile as the tip of the golden dagger she bares,Her greatest power is in your pleasures...
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  • Pale are the reveries that search for shattered memories of those times that were once glass.
    Unseen in the winds that blew the sweet scent of remembrance left only by a night.
    Held by warm hands in a precious moment of vulnerability that crashes like waves bound for nothing.
    Hearts beat deeply for an unknown lost in dreams we cannot see true.
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  • Delightfully charmed by a savage confliction,
    One that cannot breathe in the valley of the shunned
    What do we look for in the pit of a dream
    Carriage man held us in the highest esteem
    Silver cord attached to a dreary nature's combined
    Yet only in the astral will we immerse vibrations divine
    Supernovas crash at the door steps of the Gods'
    Still all we can see is these tiny little cogs
    For lost is the self image of supernatural species
    Never able to escape the whims of a wiser written thesis
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  • Strength! I love you all. #family #f2b #love
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