Artist and newly awakening being. Mainly talking about 'ascension' and the inner-work rather than going down too many rabbit holes. I've had a few sightings, I channel light beings and stuff like that. I want us to bring world peace. Check the blog :)
  • Integrating Loss and Letting Go. Signed Transmission. 18 October 2018


    We are called to let go in this signed light language transmission. We are allowed space for the grieving process. In this time when many people are experiencing loss – but who are putting up resistance to this natural healing process – we are encouraged to really feel all that comes up.

    Let go of shame or guilt for moving on, expressing grief, and integrate this lesson into your life and soul journey. Open your heart and allow all to occur, move through it into transformation and growth. Honouring all that has passed. This is a natural process.

    Accompanying vlog chat here https://youtu.be/9WNoqCfgpw8 about loss, grief, sadness, letting go (ego death), and also channeling.

    My guides in this transmission are Arcturian Collective Christed Light Beings.

    #lightlanguage #guidance #grief #healing
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  • Healing loss and grief. Channeling. 18 October 2018.


    A video chat about loss and grief, sadness, depression, and disability. Moving into healing and recovery.

    Also talking about channeling, and the awakening journey, self-realisation, ego, and identity.

    Accompanying light language transmission to assist you here https://youtu.be/9d0LdxgfwCw

    55 minutes #ego #grief #selfrealisation #awakening
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  • #Disclosure - a message to all interested parties..

    (note - I am not condoning any actions/crimes/deeds)

    Disclosure is coming. It's necessary. But how long do you wanna spend down that rabbit hole? Do you wanna reveal, heal, forgive the corruption? Or are you gonna keep on digging till you are simply creating more of it?

    We all heard of the Law of Attraction, right? At some point we have to simply stop. And surrender all offence, taken and given.

    We have to stop pointing at each other and yelling "victim!"

    Lightworkers – did you forget your mantra? "This was all agreed at a higher level", or are you lost in the reflection? We are now at that higher level. Claim it!

    Disclosure folks -vs- Social Justice Warriors. You are fighting the same battle. Give it up!

    Identity politics. We must give it up! Yes, many of us are discriminated against, but when are we gonna move on? When are we draw the line, so we aren't telling our kids they are victims also?


    *All* is illusion, ultimately. Including consciousness itself and all of creation within it. We create *as* consciousness. Which is infinite. From infinite resource.

    You say I'm a victim. I certainly learned to play that role. But now I say I came here to take that on. I consented. See above. We all took stuff on, even the 'bad guys'. In our lives we have all been tricked, coerced, miseducated, or just made mistakes.

    Disclosure is coming. But on a human level it's firmly rooted in the 'matrix' we say we are trying to escape. It's a HUGE PARADOX that cannot be solved. It is mind-based – a trap. The matrix is made of fear, conflict, hatred, and all kinds of lack beliefs. Like the Mind, disclosure cannot be solved, only made good, balanced. The best move is to simply stop playing, stop feeding it, heal, and move on.. find a way.

    Yes, justice will surely be served. But this will not play out as we expect. It can't. There is no space for it to play out in a 'traditional' sense when the stakes are so huge. Just think about it..

    Forgiveness starts within.

    There is always a greater truth available. Oneness is beyond even looking for that.

    I have a feeling this will not go quite as any of us expected. Regardless, all is well..

    UNITY is all that matters.

    Love, Aeryn.
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  • 45 minutes

    Victim mode. Fight/flight/surrender. Switching realities and the Mandela Effect. Therapy/guidance. What am I? Soul embodiment. Releasing from the Matrix. Channeling. Gender.



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  • Zero Pointing. 7 june 2018. 20 Minutes.

    #ascension #consciousness
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  • Channeling the Universe. 30 May 2018.


    Channeling the universe. Integration. Channeled messages in the community. Being of service to the Universe/You. Getting into alignment and merging with your Higher Self. Taking responsibility for the reflection. The One Infinite Creator. Letting go of the self. True creation. Abundance, freedom, sharing, openness, love, Heaven on Earth. 20 minutes.
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  • Awakening and Identity. Starseeds. 21 April 2018.


    Talking about identity and ego as we shift. My personal take as a "transgender/gay/disabled" person on this 'ascension' journey. I talk about identity politics, and letting go of stories and beliefs so a fresh Me emerges each day or each moment. And what is my role as a light worker or star seed in this life. What is my contribution as an empath or healer.

    Awakening and Identity. Starseeds. 21 April 2018. 50 minutes.
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  • Junk food. Fasting. 29 May 2018.


    Just a little update about fasting, junk food, healing, ascension. 16 minutes.
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  • This interview with Lee Harris is really amazing. It focuses on grounding and creating as we move forwards. Dealing with fear and discerning truths too. https://give.gaia.com/cjgpef4wh001o01quqwk0megw (link expires in 48 hours)
    Watch Free - Navigating Global Transformation with Lee Harris
    As we try to navigate these turbulent times, many of us feel the pull to help others with their spiritual ascension work. Lee Harris returns with an important message from the Zs who offer tools for deftly navigating the global transformation that is upon us.
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  • The ego must go. It will come back and that's ok. Personal update. 28 April 2018.

    Balancing out from my last video. A vlog about rising of masculine energies, the slippery ego, and stepping up meditative practice, dealing with addictions.

    The ego must go. It will come back and that's ok. Personal update. 28 April 2018. Video. 40 minutes.


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