• US Mothers Day Divine Feminine Round Table
    US Mothers Day Divine Feminine Round Table recorded May 10th with Paula Connor, Laura Eisenhower, Becky Rebecca Parkes, Magenta Pixie, Tara Love Perry, Christianne Van Christianne van Wijk and Nina Starsong
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  • You on Earth live in two worlds within one. Those who trust in the stories told and those who dig deeper. The same controllers argue on both sides in order to instigate a 'war on consciousness.' This affects your mind, body and emotions. In some cases this affects your soul. Who are these controllers? Turn away from the stories for they are falsehoods and look to those who dig deeper for they are the ones who are on the path towards truth.
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  • Coronavirus: Novak Djokovic reveals he's an anti-vaxxer and it may stop his return to tennis http://ow.ly/oFZV30qztjc
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  • The plan to vaccinate and microchip every person on the planet is laughable. It will never work. Millions will refuse. America has already opted out of the Gates/WHO involvement and other countries will follow as the extent of the crimes against humanity become known. What will occur is a split in humanity between those that believe the false narrative and those that know the truth. (Two World Split) How intense that actually is and how long it lasts before full unity, remains to be seen and will predominantly play out in cyber space. This split, evidence of which can be seen already, won't be easy for individuals especially those in 3D but the plan to vaccinate and microchip the world will fail.
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  • Since Trump mentioned "Disinfectant, heat and light" many suppressed therapies are being talked about widely as a cure for covid-19. Media spin aiming to ridicule Trump has once again backfired as true healers step forward with information about various therapies that act as a disinfectant in the body - iodine, grapefruit seed extract and chlorine dioxide are just three as well as heat/light treatments (ultra violet light therapies and more) step forward and stand strong true healers of the world for your expertise, knowledge and mastery shall move us into the new aquarian, golden age that has been prophesied for millennia
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  • It seems there is a lot of confusion going around regarding the UK Control of Disease Act 1984. This Act was updated on 27th April 2020. Some individuals are now saying it was not updated. I have checked and yes it is accurate this was updated 27.04.2020. Many are (rightfully so) very frightened and upset at the updated document which is now law in the UK. One legally trained individual is easing people's fears by saying the document does not mention vaccination anywhere. Many are now posting things like "thank goodness it doesn't say vaccination" and are now saying the video I posted yesterday is untrue and fear mongering. What we really need here are the facts. It is understandable that people are emotionally involved here but we cannot make clear headed decisions when we bring our emotions in. The facts are that this document is very vague and open to interpretation. It is true that it does not say "vaccination" anywhere. What it does say is "medication" - if a person is deemed to be infectious they can be removed from their property (preventing that removal will result in a £5000 fine) and taken to a hospital, detention centre or other premises and given "medication" against their will. Now it will be completely up to the individual detaining you as to whether "medication" equates to "vaccination." I am NOT " fear mongering" here. Those who know me and the work I have been putting out for the last twelve years know that the LAST thing I want is to create fear in people. However, the people in the United Kingdom (and elsewhere in the world - we are all one family) need to know and understand the implications of this new update to the Control of Disease Act 1984 (yes I am aware of the significance of that year.) I am told by my "sources" that this will NOT happen ( being removed from your homes and vaccinated against your will) however, it is "we the people" that have to actually create that reality where this does not happen. If we sit back and do nothing and do not see this updated law as the "advance warning" and "call to action" that it is, then we will find ourselves in the very timeline where this does happen. Why? We are being called collectively to wake up and take action. Now is absolutely the time. You need to understand that you ARE under attack. Again, not fear mongering here - giving you facts. Earth and Humanity are under attack, please realise this. Know your power. Know your ability to defend and deflect this. Collectively we are far more powerful than those who move against us. Only when you realise this can you stand up and stand strong. So many still look the other way because they cannot bear this to be true. It is true and the only way you can change this reality is by looking at the facts, understanding them and standing up. So please everyone in the UK, be aware of this new law and how it is affecting you, your loved ones and your children. Next step we come together, we stand United and we change the most likely probability (that this will NOT happen) into an actuality. Reality is not something that just "happens to you" - you create it! So please stand up and create what you want! Create the peace and freedom that is so very real and is our destiny. With many blessings and love to all, Magenta Pixie
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  • 'Echo' - Talisk (Song - instrumental)
      Talisk is a scottish folk music band.   Video direct url: https://youtu.be/ZknSJwYdayI       Content Source: Talisk Music   Mohsen Amini - Concertina Hayley Keenan - Fiddle Craig Irving - Guitar    
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  • What shall I say to you about the immeasurable light?
    It is not appropriate to think about It as god or that It is something similar. For It surpasses divinity. It is a dominion having nothing to rule over It. For there is nothing existing before It nor does It have need of them. It does not need life. For It is eternal. It does not need anything. For It cannot be made perfect as though It were deficient and only required perfecting. Rather It is...
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  • Dear Ones, the #PiscesFullMoon will be exact in a little more than an hour… are you READY? This is a special one for several reasons!
    It’s the #lastFullMoonbeforetheEquinox!
    It falls on #Fridaythe13th~~the first Full Moon to fall on Friday the 13th in 13 years & it will not fall on Friday the 13th again for quite a long time.
    & it’s a #PISCESMoon which means EMOTIONAL.
    Of course, we could have tendencies to be reactive, yet how much better & stronger we can be—to be with our feelings that come up in a super gentle way. I encourage us all to nurture ourselves & others with #KINDNESS & #COMPASSION.

    We have 7 planets in mutable signs, 7 in earth signs, with all these mutable earth energies, this can be a #SuperCreativeFullMoon too!


For those who wish to use the energies of the Moon’s exact time of fullness (in about an hour!) either for your own work or to join other #Lightworkers in a #MassMeditationforPeace to anchor more #goddessenergy & help bring peace to an important goddess vortex, details & links are below.

Depending on your location, the exact time the Moon reaches fullness will be either tonight (Friday the 13th) or Saturday Sept. 14th at 4:32 AM UTC. This month the #FullMoonPeaceMeditation happens before the monthly #FullMoonMeditation.

    For USA Friends this is:
12:32 am Saturday Eastern, 11:32 pm Friday Central, 10:32 pm Friday Mountain, 9:32 pm Pacific


For UK (Europe) Friends this is:
5:32 am Saturday

    the link to the guided audios for Syria Peace Meditation in many languages:

    Each month, meditators around the world join in a #FullMoonMassMeditation at 2:45 PM UTC on the on the day the Moon comes Full. This time was chosen as when the most people around the world can join in mass meditation at the same time.


for USA Friends this is:

    10:45 am Eastern, 9:45 am Central, 8:45 am Mountain, 7:45 am Pacific


for UK (Europe) Friends this is:
03:45 pm BST

    Guided Audio in English:

    Audio Guiado Español


    Guided Audios in MANY Languages:


    #HappyFullMoon Beloveds!

    See you in the ethers!


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