I had an excuse: Before I didn't know what I didn't know, but now I know what I don't know. So much to learn . . . .so little time. What have I found out? So far there's been 100% suppression of practically free energy by greedy industrialists and politicians. People have been threatened because of the inventions they have made, their families too. People have died mysteriously for trying to help mankind and the environment! We as a race are being deliberately held back, both technologically and spiritually. The people we see in positions of power are probably just puppets run by other beings or entities. Find and read "Loosh" from Nexus. Medical cures for most diseases have probably been known for decades, yet still we die. The more I have to deal with people, the less I like them! My hope is that we NEVER get to leave this planet, until we learn the value of life . . . . all life, respect the place we live in and can live in harmony with ourselves and all other life that share our planet. We are not ready, and maybe never will be. I think it's a race between self destruction or enlightenment, it's going to be close.
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  • Is it me? or is this site bloody difficult to find any post of value? I'm on the point of deleting my account as this site doesn't even have an index (of sorts) of useful information or links to any particular subject. I like alternative news, science and other stories not reported elsewhere, or is suppressed. . . . . . so where do I find them?
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