• "Whitey" Bulger and MKULTRA
    A juror from the 2013 trial of notorious crime boss James "Whitey" Bulger breaks her silence. Janet Uhlar, who found Bulger guilty of his crimes, also saw corruption at the highest levels of the Department of Justice and the FBI during the course of testimony.  In addition, what she has learned ties Bulger himself to MKULTRA experiments back in the 1950s which led him to suffer...
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  • Department of Defense GRANTS my appeal -- then deepens the mystery about Mr. Luis Elizondo and AATIP
      (All research archived at: https://www.theblackvault.com/casefiles/to-the-stars-academy-of-arts-science-tom-delonge-and-the-secret-dod-ufo-research-program/  )   In October of 2017, To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science (TTSA) introduced Mr. Luis Elizondo to the world. He claimed he was the head of a "sensitive aerospace threat identification program" which...
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  • AATIP-like study from 1970 dealt with "psychic forces", "psychokinesis" and "faster than light travel"
    AATIP-like study from 1970 aimed to project advanced propulsion over 40 years, dealt with "psychic forces", "psychokinesis" and "faster than light travel."   Project Outgrowth aimed to project advanced propulsion through the next 40 years, beginning in 1970. Nearly 40 years after that study, AAWSAP's public solicitation was posted for bids, and that paved the way for AATIP....
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  • UFOlogy Deserves Better
    For more than a year now, I have assembled a small team of investigators to help investigate UFO reports that come in to The Black Vault. I can not research the load that comes in myself, so this group is part of what I call TBV Investigations.   I am incredibly proud at the progress we have made working together, and creating a uniform protocol for investigating UFOs using common sense,...
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    Since nearly day one, a debate has raged on what the name of the “Pentagon’s Secret UFO Study” as touted by the media, really was. There was, for quite some time, a discrepancy on whether it was "Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program" or "Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program." Since the media reported the name both ways, it was a standing debate. To...
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  • The Rendlesham Forest Incident - John Burroughs
      On Episode #24, John Burroughs, retired serviceman from the United States Air Force, steps into the Vault. He joins me to recount a bizarre UFO encounter which occurred on December 26, 1980, just outside of RAF Bentwaters known as the Rendlesham Forest Incident. He also explains how this event may have caused life-long health issues that he still battles today.   Show Notes...
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  • Getting to know Nick Pope
    On Episode #23, Mr. Nick Pope, formerly of the UKs Ministry of Defence, steps into the Vault. Having worked within the UFO Program of England, he offers his insight into the UFO phenomenon, what it could be and what he feels about the recent revelations about a secret UFO research project within the United States.   Show Notes Subscribe for notifications on upcoming shows:...
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  • Foreign Influence Shaping Global Conflict
    In episode #22 of The Black Vault Radio, author and journalist Alex Hollings steps into the Vault.   As debates rage throughout American society on whether or not Donald Trump colluded with Russia to get elected, Alex focuses on the bigger picture: The fact that Russia even has the capability to do it at all. He explores a long history of foreign psychological influence and how it...
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  • Invisibility Cloaking Research Archive
    In January of 2019, a list of 38 reports made under (or connected with) the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program (or Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program – name is in dispute) better known as AATIP, was released.  It contained research into “invisibility cloaking” which sparked a huge amount of media and public interest. On January 31,...
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  • CIA Loses MORE UFO Intel Files
    This is one of the many Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) documents released on UFOs. This was post Project Blue Book by 9 years, and technically, no U.S. government or military agency was interested in UFOs.   On June 6, 2018, I requested a Mandatory Declassification Review (MDR) request on the following, single page document. Although this is not the only one I filed around the same...
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