4 Tools to Use When Your Anxiety attacks


If you experience anxiety, you aren’t alone. Twenty percent of people experience one or more episodes of moderate to severe anxiety with symptoms that include an increased heartbeat, feelings of overwhelm, nervousness, and sudden skin rashes. Anxiety can be debilitating when it affects one's ability to be engaged in social situations, particular environments, or causes panic attacks that leave you unable to breathe. As a child, I had anxiety often but I wasn't able to define what it was. My anxiety persisted into my thirties as an adult and advanced into frequent severe panic attacks. Xanax worked well for me until I no longer wanted to rely upon or ingest a class 3 pharmaceutical. Uncovering and integrating the root causes of my anxiety made ditching prescription medication possible. Anxiety still shows up for me but it no longer debilitates me in any way. The following four tools have worked well for me and others whom I've assisted with anxiety:


  1. Exit Stage Left - If the situation allows for this option, honor your needs and leave the situation. If what you are experiencing in the moment becomes or has the potential to become amplified in a way that will render you into a state of not being able to function, know that it is in your best interest to leave the environment. Be kind and gentle to yourself with this choice and attend to your own internal needs in a calm, safe-feeling environment.


    2. Ride That Wave - Be alright with being anxious. Acknowledge, validate and make friends with your body's physical reaction and be alright that it's there! Resisting your own reactions that are uncontrollable or unwanted often amplifies the presence and duration of them.  Your body's reaction is clearly wanting your attention and providing it loving validation often dissipates the reaction entirely. 


    3. Keep Breathing - Deep and intention based breathing is a profound tool in it’s effectiveness and easy to remember when your amygdala hijacks your central nervous system. The moment anxiety is observed from within, shift focus to your breath. Alternate nostril breathing, or  Nadi Shodhana, works profoundly well in balancing your energy systems. To do this type of breathing exercise, close your right nostril while exhaling through your left nostril for a count of seven.  Hold the breath for a count of four, then inhale through your left nostril for a count of seven. Hold the breath there for a count of four. While closing the left nostril, exhale through your right nostril for seven, hold four, inhale again through your right nostril for seven and once again hold four. Repeat this cycle seven times. This breathing technique may require practice before a panic attack strikes but is beneficial any time, especially during fatigue, mental fog or any nervous system imbalances.


   4.Visualize An Energetic Shield - Preferably with closed eyes, visualize yourself engulfed in a protective bubble of divine, subtle energy. Focus on visualizing pleasant colors to you that soothe and comfort; I prefer violet, gold and silver light with hints of blue and green. Your energy is now contained, protected and unable to absorb any unwanted energy from others. If you feel guided to call upon your divine source energy, angels or spirit guides for assistance, mentally acknowledge that you appreciate their assistance now and know the assistance is provided. We are powerful beings of so much love and the universe wants to support, nurture and guide us.


 You aren't born with having to experience repeating anxiety, something you experienced at some time caused particular synapses to bond with particular neurons in your brain that would result in your amygdala responding each and every time a similar occurence happens in your present moments. Resetting your brain's neural pathways expands your possibilities and allows your body to choose alternative reactions. It's possible for you to form new synaptic connections by yourself but easier to have someone who is knowledgeable with this procedure if you've never done it before. Originally, I was introduced to this method during sessions of "time-line" therapy. I have since continued to work with it for myself if needed and with others, while including integration methods. The results are highly successful, lasting and can be achieved within a minimum of two hours. No one deserves a life of continuous anxiety and panic. Help is available!


Danyele Dewolf, Spiritual Muse