Off Planet Radio: Hidden Archeology (Lake Superior Anomaly, Ancient Mounds, Underwater Bases, Stargates & more!)

We discuss a range of topics including Underwater bases (govt. and alien), giants, ancient mound sites, Atlantis, Stargate Detroit, electronic music, mind control and much more!


Anomalous researcher-author, Chad Stuemke, joins us in the first hour for a fascinating first look at his most recent project, known as the Lake Superior Anomaly. Isle Royale, or “Minong”as the Native Americans referred to it, was held in this regard due to bothits spiritual significance and unimaginable mineral resources.. It was during research into these ancient mines on Isle Royale that lead tothe discovery of an enormous underwater anomaly. Using Google Earth to obtain an aerial view of the island’s ancient McCargo Cove, something truly out of place was observed beneath the water. Not only was the structure enormous, but it surely did not fit in with surrounding geological features. It also bears a striking similarity to several other mystery sites, including the so-called underwater alien base at Malibu, CA. We spin through the potential theories and spin off into some exciting topics. In Hour 2 for our Pateon supporters, we go deep in the concept of "stargte cities", specifically, Stargate Detroit---Motown, Techno, and some very odd architecture. Join us at: