Hey there OnStelleroonies,

While many of us had high hopes for Tom DeLonge and  his "To The Stars Academy", things are not boding well for either. The word of TTSA 's $37M deficit of is beginning to make main stream news. I'm not sure how a public company recovers from this. Here's an article that just appeared in Ars Tecnica. 

Here's another article that just appeared in SPIN.


To say that I am dissappointed with TTSA would be an understatement. We've gone from high hopes of DISCLOSURE to the unsettling realization that the whole thing was just another money play. I'd like to hear some sort of explaination or apology from DeLonge, but I'm not going to hold my breath.  


After many years of contemplation and study, I've concluded that DISCLOSURE is going to have to be forced on mankind from the outside. The powers controlling this information control the planet, and "THEY" are just not going to let it go that easily. They are having too much fun keeping us as slaves.