Hello, Eric here from Disclosure Backpack. Like many of us, I have a day job so I don't have anywhere near the amount of time I'd like to further disclosure. If I wanted to focus my efforts on disclosure like Corey Goode and others are doing, I'd have to make an income from those efforts so as not to spend so much of my time at my day job. 


Corey Goode and his team are getting ready to provide goods and services related to disclosure so they can get this message out to the general public and continue to fund their efforts. One such product is the new movie, Above Majestic (here's its IMDb page), which will be released on October 31st, 2018 on iTunes, Xbox, Amazon Prime, VUDU and Google Play.This is the big time, folks; not someone selling lemonade on the roadside. Trademarks are standard practice for this sort of endeavor for a reason. According to Purpose of Trademark: Everything You Need to Know:

The purpose of trademark law is twofold:

  • A trademark helps customers distinguish between products
  • A trademark protects the owner's investment and reputation

As you can see, silencing whistleblowers is not a purpose of trademarks. Joking set aside, no trademark will prevent whistleblowers or insiders from sharing their story with the public. For example, The following statement does not infringe upon any trademarks:

I worked in the secret space program from 1993 to 2013. I served for twenty years on a research vessel before being age-regressed and returned back to 1993. I met blue bird-type ETs just this past year. They said they really dig our music, especially a 60s L.A. rock group called The Byrds. They are part of an alliance of five groups of ETs, the leader of which are in the form of blue spheres. Some say that these are the ancient guardians of our world that have returned now to help us in our ascension process.

Trademarks are standard practice for those selling goods and services. Without such trademark protections, we end up with original creators' hard work being ripped off, and consumers being scammed by immitations like the following examples from this article


The last thing our community needs is shady knockoffs like the following damaging the reputation and investment of people like Corey Goode who rely on the sales of their goods and services in order to continue their work:

 Corey Goode gave a real-world example in a recent Facebook post:

This was story was shared with me earlier today. It is a perfect example of how Trademarks can protect Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets. I also commented on a post from niara terela isley who was reporting that content was being used from her book without her permission. 
Since my recent posts, I have been hearing a lot of stories of people going through very similar things in recent years. Many have challenged themselves to use their talents to promote the expansion of consciousness. 
Doing as much free content as possible is always the goal. It is the reason we are revamping the Full Disclosure Project as we speak. We also need to promote this information heavily into the Entertainment Industry and use that infrastructure as a way to awaken people instead of propagandizing them. 
Step one for everyone in this community should be to take steps to protect their IP's. If they do not they will be completely taken advantage of as they watch others profit from their hard lived or created content. 
As we get serious about promoting our information into the mass consciousness we need to pause and follow the proper precautions and business practices for whatever industry you are trying to enter your content into. 
This community has been awake for a while, but I don't know anyone who has seen it so activated and ready to manifest change. That is exactly why agents of division have been activated to create a civil war in this community once again. The time of being anonymous is over. 
Prepare to see a lot more direct action from this community in the coming months. I think this community finally realized that they are the saviors they have been waiting for. 
I am looking forward to seeing everyone's contribution to the effort to launch a Consciousness Rennossanse. 
If you haven't signed up to be a part of FDP, please visit www.FullDisclosureProject.org.


What follows is the Facebook post by Brandon Straka of #WalkAway Campaign that was shared with Corey demonstrating the neccessity of trademarks:


Hey Patriots- so, unfortunately now and then we have to deal with someone who cares more about themselves than they care about #WalkAway. This woman below, Jenny Bleasdale, created 50 #WalkAway pages bearing our branding and trademark. One for each state. I believe she probably thought she was helping, though she never consulted with anybody before creating them. We have an organizational team for the campaign- and we have meetings and make decisions for the campaign as a team. She is not a member of this team. I nicely reached out and explained that our team already has plans for statewide chapters which will have pages, and that she didn’t have permission to use our trademark or branding. I explained that it is dangerous to misrepresent herself as an official page when we, the actual official team, can not control these pages or the activity that goes on inside of them- which could also result in behaviors happening outside the group in the name of the campaign. Not good at all. She indicated that she doesn’t care what I have to say, and her pages will not come down. She is selfish and does not care about our campaign or the danger her behavior could cause.


Please do not join these groups. They are NOT official #WalkAway groups. She has stolen our branding and trademark and made clear that she will do whatever she wants. She does not have the best interest of our campaign at heart. If you are a member of one of her groups, please leave. We are in the process of creating our own OFFICIAL #WalkAway State chapters. Thank you for understanding. And I’m always sorry when people behave this way and sow disruption.


Thanks, all! Good night!!

In closing, I'd like to say that I think this trademark hullabaloo is really a non-issue, just like how Corey's alleged "satanism" claimed last year by the same people was also really a non-issue. Our community is strong. We support each other. We love each other. We respect our differences, and we respect each other's hard work, reputations, and right to earn a living. We will get through this stronger than ever. All the best to you. LOVE times infinity.