Its hard to think, to even imagine that a caravan of people can be used as a civilian political weapon, using woman, children and babies to front a mass traveling human weapon of invasion seems incredible and yet It's happening and how do we stop it, how do we stop this caravan from ending in tears, from happening again and again putting countless lives at risk. There is no sense to it what so ever. What makes people act like this, how is it possible to brain wash thousands of people into putting not only there lives, but those of there family, friends and children into walking hundreds of miles for the hope of illigel entry into a country where they have no certain future. Is this the weapon of choice for the future. think about it. I cannot believe it Onstellar has removed this video from my post from our community which by the way I understood to be a platform for free speech and media, apparently it is not!!!! the video was backed up by truthful research and statistics explaining how the UN is behind this en mass movement of refugees and illigal aliens around not only the US but the world. So Onstellar explain why you are censoring this media platform just like facebook where by the way Its also been taken off,  think about it. Free speech should not be deleted and removed by any media platform and they dont even have the decency to inform you and give you an explanation !!!