Once again, Corey Goode seems to be coming under fire from various elements “in” the community, apparently for the grand crime of protecting his intellectual property. Now, I understand a lot of people have a problem with this concept, but it is common practice, and corporations and independents operate under this law (usually) without problem.

But this isn’t the first little blip on the map this year for our community, is it? Earlier this year Gaia were apparently exposed attempting to copyright the word “disclosure”

Most of us were left scratching our heads over this, it seemed like an affront to our goals of seeking full disclosure. A corporation like this must have known how this would cause panic and outrage in the community at large, but now we also know that they had their new Cosmic Disclosure poster boy, Jason Rice had been hit with cease and desist order from Corey Goode at the time of this supposed “controversy”

So what happened next? Steven Greer stepped forward, tweeting about his outrage about all of this hullabaloo, and then going on to explain how one phone call from him to Gaia’s offices straightened the problem right out. His obvious use of the term well ahead of Gaia’s usage of the term would easily nullify any claim that Gaia had towards copyrighting the term.

For anyone unfamiliar with this bit of news: Steven Greer has recently been outed by Anonymous in a film showing his connections toHillary Clinton, John “Pedogate” Podesta and the Rockefellers. Anonymous #AnonAccSec NWO ETI AGENDA

Many within the community will have been aware of the cabal’s plans for limited disclosure that would have panned out over decades and centuries. They planned to use Antarctica’s frozen civilisation (sanitised to remove traces of extraterrestrials), and a steady drip-drip of relatively harmless information. This also is thought to have been associated with Tom Delong’s “To The Stars Academy” - so the above revelations seem to also tie Steven Greer to this movement as disinformation.

So now if we begin to link this current mountain-out-of-a-molehill “controversy” over this legal action playing out in the community to Steven Greer, do we get confirmation that many have been speculating about over Gaia as being a limited hangout and a sponge to soak up all of the genuine talent and prevent their content from going mainstream?

The next development was Jason Rice pretty much creating a twitter account for the purpose of making a complaint about this cease and desist from Corey Goode. As I mentioned in my previous article, this man has no internet footprint. Nothing seems to exist in the public domain prior to his sudden emergence as a new insider on Cosmic Disclosure. Even at the point of writing the response to his tweets are in the single figures. And yet somehow this message is viral?

Somehow this has rallied several “independent” citizen journalists to step up and rush to his cry of outrage. The lack of support for Jason Rice on his Twitter account seems to strongly suggest that the outcry right now is all about Corey Goode hate/ bashing and very little to do with actually supporting someone whom they believe has been wronged.

Would this assessment be fair?

I’ve attempted to go and research the back-history of Dark Journalist, Joe from the Carolinas and CW Chanter (this guy has serious anger issues, no wonder he isn’t vibing with the community) – and I really struggled to get more than 5 mins into any of them.

They are the mainstream “mockingbird” media style, buzzwords and phrases, triggering the giggle-factor talking about blue chickens… it really is a stretch to consider this any kind of objective analysis. I’ll share a video here from back in May where Jordan Sather gives his opinion on The Dark Journalist… he points out in this video the high profile name who attended his lectures right from the get-go, names such as Richard Dolan… and makes a very strong case for this guy being an NOC (Non-Official Cover). This means they would be given a chanel, given ‘x’ number of followers , given access to assets within the industry which will help to establish a reputation and secure other high-profile interviews. Then when they need them, they will activate these assets to go to work on their hatchet jobs.

Jordan Has A Hater! - Exposing the Dark Journalist's Bad Journalism - Who exactly is he?

Mike Waskowski of “Mind Alchemy” made a fairly frightening film about some of the connections that this Dark Journalist has with the Illuminumptys and Luciferian circles. And so again we come full circle back around… these people all help each other out it seems, and up until recently this has tended to go unnoticed by the general public.

Dark Journalist/Daniel Liszt EXPOSED TIMES INFINITY!!!

It is heartening and very refreshing to see how the majority of people are seeing through this deliberate ruse to destabilise our community. A lot of people are showing their hand. I am becoming increasingly convinced that this battle is the same battle that “Qanon” is fighting for us. We won’t be dictated to by these people what is truth or what is acceptable. We’ll save our outrage for the people behind the scandals and the dark entities they represent.