For some reason, at this particular time: just as Corey Goode (along with a lot of other amazing people like Jordan Sather, David Wilcock, Dr. Michael Salla and Roger Richards), is releasing “Above Majestic” and the Graphic Novel (Illustrated by Stephen Cefalo) “Return Of The Guardians” . A seemingly coordinated attack has been launched online by several supposedly “Independent” journalists.

They have been joined by one of our community’s high profile figures (who appears to be a fan of one the “independents”, attending a few of his early lectures and tuning into his Facebook Live lambasting of Corey Goode) and Gaia’s newest ‘insider’, Dark Helmut.

the eagerly awaited "Above Majestic: Implications of a Secret Space Program


CW Chanter, Joe from the Carolinas, Gaia’s new secret space program insider, Jason Rice, The Dark Journalist™, Richard Dolan (and ?Mystery Backers?)

yes, the same names involved in the last assault on Corey Goode’s character a year ago

Reminder: last year the attacks got so out of hand that someone called the CPS on Corey Goode. This series of attacks has the hallmarks of being much worse and some worry it could escalate into someone getting hurt or worse.


According to these great, independent and totally unbiased journalists and researchers, Corey Goode is a cult leader, and anyone who follows him (or heaven forfend, defends him) is a cultist.

Corey Goode sent a cease-and-desist order to Jason Rice for (over)using terms that he had trademarked in order to protect his unique testimony.

All of his claims are (in terms that they demand) totally unprovable and therefore (apparently) categorically untrue (despite having his testimony vetted by people such as Dr Michael Salla and David Wilcock)

They take to assailing one of the beings Corey Goode told us of, the Blue Avians as Blue Chickens, on the basis that they think it’s funny. On a playground level it may be, but this tells you the maturity-level of this journalism and those who seem to ascribe to it. This attitude of representing extraterrestrial species as a joke, and something to be scoffed at is definitely NOT representative of this community... and yet:

They try to claim that they represent the community as a whole, and that Corey’s followers are dwindling, except for a few die-hard cultists.


This question is the kicker… if they truly are independent journalists, what is so offensive or threatening about Corey Goode and The Sphere Being Alliance  message? @Spherebeing Alliance

"Focus on increasing your service to others and be more loving to yourself and everyone in order to raise your vibrational and consciousness level. Learn to forgive yourself and others (thus releasing karma). This will change the vibration of the planet, raise the shared consciousness of humanity, and change human kind one person at a time -- even if that one person is yourself. They tell us to treat your body as a temple and change over to a higher vibrational diet to aid in the process."


A great resource that I found for raising your vibration is Intro to The High Vibration Living Series w/Joy Jackson, the BYM

"The Blue Avians also gave a warning with this message. They had tried to deliver this message three other times in the past, but it was distorted by humanity. They made it very clear that this information was NOT to become a cult or religious movement nor was Corey to put himself before the message or elevate himself to a guru status. Anyone who does so should be avoided and held accountable, including Corey."

This seems to have been an inspiration for one of the more ridiculous claims against Corey Goode: that of representing himself as the leader of a cult. Even if there were examples of some of his followers treating Corey Goode in any way that could be construed as cult-like, that can not be reasonably or fairly attributed as his doing. Nothing that he has done or said has been an attempt to portray himself in this manner. A distinction has to be made between fan-following and elevating yourself: as in the TV Evangelists' preaching damnation and doom, fear-porn to their audience, and telling them to send their hard-earned dollar$

Another claim being laid against him is that he is profit-motivated.

Let’s be clear here. We live in this 3rd Density reality. We all have bills to pay: mortgages/ rent, energy, food, etc. Everyone needs an income, especially when supporting a young family. Who could resent that in a free-enterprise society, especially when corporations, such as Gaia, Netflix and various film media companies do the same in order to protect their intellectual property? You’re effectively denying the right to an income not only to him, but to his wife and children, over the rights of a corporation!

Commonly used terms within our community, such as Gaia and Aliens have been trademarked, it doesn’t stop us from using those terms in our conversations, but if another company attempts to use them commercially, they have to look again at how they will phrase and word their productions.

Transcripts of Cosmic Disclosure shows, all of Corey Goode’s history of interviews with David Wilcock have legally had to be withdrawn from Corey Goode’s website. The illustrations that he commissioned as an employee of Gaia (including the image used in Dark Journalist™ Facebook post above) are no longer permitted to be used by him. This perhaps demonstrates the real motivation behind this controversy, a vested, corporate interest in controlling the narrative. When they were presented with this cease-and-desist order, it appears that they saw this as an opportunity to cook up a controversy in time to damage his reputation just ahead of the release of their competitor’s film “Above Majestic”.

Corey Goode is charged by the Sphere Being Alliance to get the message out to humanity. He seeks to move beyond the UFO community and branch out into other areas… seeding the consciousness of people who otherwise may never hear of this, at least not ahead of full disclosure. This has long been disclosed and anyone who has followed Corey Goode over recent years will know this to be the case. It matters not whether people believe what he has to say, only that they hear it. We are encouraged, as a community to exercise our own discernment every step of the way.

His accusers are again regurgitating the old corporate-bully stance for any whistleblower in secret or off-the-books project: their claims are unprovable.

But Witness testimony is acceptable as evidence in our courts of law. It has been vetted by 2 of the most renowned and respected experts in this field, Dr. Michael Salla and best-selling author David Wilcock. If witness testimony is admissible as evidence for things such as murder and treason, surely we can’t dismiss it outright when we speak in terms of black-projects… in fact we can’t, we don’t:- it is 100% admissible as evidence here. Many who find the claims extraordinary will object to this, and that is fine, but to go around claiming that there is no evidence is flat-out lying and misleading.

We have seen a plethora of controversial figures come and go in ufology. Why is it that the opposition of this one person is so focused on not only discrediting Goode, but in totally destroying his character and reputation in a clearly staged and organised character-assassination. This has never happened before, why now?


The weeks leading up to the release of Above Majestic: The Implications Of A Secret Space Program and the graphic novel: Return of the Guardians, immediately following a conflicted parting of ways from Gaia, Inc and approximately 1 year after many of these same “independent” journalists collaborated together in another attempt to undermine the credibility of Corey Goode.

Leading up to the Official Launch: Sphere Being Alliance Comic Book and Graphic Novel


Across social media platforms, notably Youtube, Twitter and Facebook, and an interview with Richard Dolan on Jimmy Church’s Fade to Black, where he was allowed to slickly insinuate that Corey Goode was likely an NOC (Non-Official Cover) operative for a 3-letter agency without being challenged. This is quite a leap to take from not believing someone’s story. Many in the community are fans and admirers of Richard Dolan’s analytical ‘nuts-and-bolts’ breakdown of important issues such as 9-11 and False Flags, but this entire interview was not so much speaking of these subjects so close to his heart; the most prominent things on Richard Dolan’s mind that night was the determined and systematic destruction of the character and reputation of Corey Goode. For someone so rooted in the need for physical evidence and proof, there was a hell of a lot of wild speculation.

F2B, though claiming to be balanced has thus far asked for everyone’s opinion on the matter except for Corey Goode himself. Many Fadernauts are now wondering why. You would expect that with the release of the eagerly anticipated film project and graphic novel, and all of this controversy surrounding the copyright issues that Corey Goode would have been asked to appear on the show, perhaps he can answer that question for us? Supporters on both sides of the conversation seem to want this interview - @Jimmy Church, @Corey Goode can you tell us if this is happening?

They seem to be desperately claiming to represent the community, when in fact they only appear to be a small demographic… they are attempting to flood various channels with their hateful diatribe, usually to be rejected or ignored by regulars in the community. Even people who do not particularly support Corey Goode are sickened by their comments and behaviour. To my observation, they sound and appear more like the political activists that we are accustomed to seeing trolling political sites.


By using all of the techniques in sleight-of hand, misdirection, manipulation and misinformation that we have become accustomed to from the “mockingbird” media. Terms like “Cult-leader Corey Goode” and “Cult of Disclosure”

Joe from The Carolinas posted a Youtube of him slating Jason Rice on the 5th of October, 2018: Jason Rice- Polygraph PROBLEMS!? LATEST Secret Space Program Insider Evaluation but then suddenly he changed his position 180º, by the 23rd October, Joe flipped entirely, with a very hospitable show (again strange feedback going on from somewhere in a Jason Rice interview – very unusual anomalies occurred on in his Fade 2 Black interview)  Jason Rice Uncensored Interview - SSP/IDARF Secret Space Program Insider.    

I tried commenting on his site, and pretty soon (I roped a couple of friends in to test this theory – thanks guys) found that he vets all comments on his Youtube and doesn’t pass any comment that opposes his line of thinking, what is called a closed-ideology echo-chamber. Within a matter of days, Jason Rice went from being ‘yet another whacko spaceman’ to being an honoured guest on the live-broadcast interview. Joe was tripping over himself in his admiration towards Jason for coming and appearing on his show, almost apologising for being such a sceptic and debunker.


While none of this amounts to definitive proof, in this day and age of QAnon-inspired lateral thinking we can follow the money quite easily to see who is likely behind this. Who stands to lose here? Who might be motivated enough to go to these lengths in order to coordinate such a heartless campaign? Perhaps it could be a heartless entity, answerable only to shareholders?

The more you know...

It’s time that we took back disclosure and ditched the real profit-motivated non-human interest-groups. It’s time for us to once again inject life and humanity into our consciousness revolution and spiritual revival.

We do need to heed the advise, of being more loving and forgiving, but also, for the consciousness expansion that is upon us, we need to become more aware of our surroundings. We have to stop waiting for others to put the pieces together for us, and work instead as a collective in protecting ourselves from conscious manipulation that has been whittled into us since we were born. We were created for more than this fake imitation of what life should be. All of us have to speak about these issues and collectively we will see the grand scheme.

Corporations and Sociopaths have taken advantage of the Esoteric community because they know light workers are forgiving and avoid conflict. That has been used against this community for far too long. At some point we have to stand up for what we believe in. How long is this community going to silently put up with such obvious attempts at division and character assassination?

Only when we can do this can we really begin to excel at using our newly realized powers of the collective consciousness.





At the time of compiling this article, it has been announced that the MasBall planned for Halloween. There have been multiple warnings that Dark Journalist inspired haters were preparing to show up in costume and create a major disturbance. With emotions running so high at the moment, organisers are conserned over the well-being and safety of attendees.

Again we see that it is the ordinary folks who just love and wish to support the community and the whistleblowers who end up losing out. This is a new low point.

"In an effort to stop the attempts to further divide the community using the topics of trademarks SBA Media has also made the decision to not pursue the ‘SSP’ trademark. By choosing to not pursue this trademark it is our hope to offer healing and peace to the current tensions and growing misinformation that such trademarks could be used to “Stop Disclosure”.

SBA Media had never attempted to trademark the words ‘Secret Space Program’ nor were we intending on using the trademark to control disclosure. I only wish to protect the details specific to my testimony and key phrases that I coined in the process of delivering it through my written updates."

Let us send out hope that this gesture will serve to heal the divisions splitting our community at this time. Please, to all the opponents of Corey Goode over the SSP™ issue, accept the olive branch proffered to you rather than taking the cynical approach and capitalising on it to launch further attacks. Time for us to heal, time for us to once again join in unity.