38.4  Questioner: Was this inspiration a— Would an entity impress the person desiring the information with thoughts? Would this be the mechanism of inspiration?

Ra: I am Ra. The mechanism of inspiration involves an extraordinary faculty of desire or will to know or to receive in a certain area accompanied by the ability to open to and trust in what you may call intuition

So many people within our community seem to be pushing their “verifiable-by-physical-evidence” narrative these days.

I realise that this is nothing new. For as long as I've lived I have been ridiculed by people in society who refuse to believe when I've spoken about believing in the existence of extraterrestrials and UFOs. Even when presented with evidence such as film footage and photographs, even when these things are backed up by military reports, it still remains an issue that is up for debate.

The issue isn't a lack of evidence, it's protection of the "happy bubble" - cognitive dissonance applied to those things that would splinter our paradigms, and certain sections of the community seem determined that everything we speak of or welcome into our conversations and discussions be first rubber-stamped "APPROVED" – I am literally faced with conversations where commonly accepted theories and concepts are “thrown out” because they are not carrying this elitist seal of approval. I’ve also noticed in recent events how certain individuals who are known for advocating this type of approach, seem to have permission to create whatever fantasies and connections they please without presentation of any such facts… just a flash of their “credibility license”

Why this insistence upon the masculine, left-brain approach? Why are we still, in this day and age, met with those who wish to deny the feminine aspect, to scoff at concepts that stem from the right-brain?

Could it be that when we switch off intuition, divination, creativity, emotional intelligence and imagination that we are erecting a cage around ourselves? Why would we have access to these things if they were not helpful to our survival and being? This emphasis on destroying our feminine aspect from the day we pass through the school gates and begin deprogramming our innate creative genius. It's who we are... we are each creators, we are each THE creator, we are an aspect of creation, so why do we insist on stopping that in order to develop into functioning adults in our society?

The Law of One quotation here suggests that it may be linked to our communication with the universe. It is through the left brain that we access the Akashic records, that we are given direct inspiration by outside entities who wish to assist us. When great minds such as Nicola Tesla and Albert Einstein found their inspiration, the found it through meditation, through embracing the esoteric. 

NASA devised a test to ascertain what percentage of their employees were classed as “creative genius” - they discovered that this test could be applied to people of any age, and so tested a group of preschoolers, of whom 98% came in at this genius level. As we get older and more indoctrinated through the education system, this level drops exponentially. When you look into the origins of the state schooling system, you will find that it has it’s roots in the Franco-Prussian war, where a smaller French army defeated the superior numbers of the Prussians. We go to school to learn obedience and conformity, where creative pursuits are reserved for “play time”

How can we control people who exercise and trust in their latent abilities and the intelligence that is associated with the left hemisphere of the brain? It must be much more difficult. By throttling and limiting our access to all of the facts and information on a subject at the same time as encouraging us to discard intuition they seem to be able to march us steadily down this dark corridor and towards our eventual doom.

This is why we still operate vehicles that use the combustion engine, why it seems every few decades someone (that we hear of) develops zero-point energy only to go silent, or disappear. Why the only solution that we have for cancer is blasting a person with radiation after so many people, now disappeared, “suicided” and largely forgotten have presented evidence of curative answers from a myriad of sources…

I am not suggesting that we swing all the way over to discarding the right-brain. Polarity is a third density condition, but it is one that we can strive to overcome. Once we drop our need to "be right" or to "know" - and accept that being wrong is a part of our learning experience, that as soon as we begin to believe that we "know" something, our ability to use discernment flies out of the window.

I think very often about how much easier we are to control when we depend upon "known" facts, and how easy it has been for the illuminumptys to control and filter the information that comes through to us. I think of the way that Aaron Schwartz died (was killed) when he tried to bring us free access to that cordoned off, pay-to-win exclusive knowledge. How the CIA's wikipedia is controlled now, when an author can not correct errors on his own book's page because they are not considered to be a credible source. The encouragement nowadays to "Fact-check" is rather a call to double-check what the official story is.

So voices in a community that deals day-to-day with the esoteric, to now be pushing for rigid and logical approaches towards what we may discuss is to my mind a crass and vulgar encroachment upon us all. Please, by all means do bring in your left-brain observations and point out the verifiable facts. I welcome your input into the dialectic, I appreciate that you have much of value to offer, but do not assume that you can command here that we stick only to the information that has been pre-approved for our consumption.

I send you blessings and love, whether you believe in them or not.