Hey-Yoh Everyone,

I hope you are all doing well wherever and whenever you are reading this. I am writing this for the main purpose of getting idea's for certain projects that we can remote view in the future. I am sure that many of you out there, have a lot of questions about an endless list of mysterious things that happen in our world ( or Universe). So many things happen that are not explained what so ever, on any level. Where it can be a mysterious object hovering in the sky to a secret, that is hidden to the world. The list is potentially limitless, as these things will need to be addressed eventually.
I am in the midst of creating a very interesting list of potential targets for remote viewers to look at;... Idea's from the public are not usually looked at because if the idea is known then it cannot be remote viewed properly. The remote viewers must be blind to the target. There are very rare cases where it is possible to get remote viewing (RV) information [that is accurate] when you know what you are remote viewing. Remote viewers get what we call a target number (TN) Or in some cases Target Identification Number (T.I.N) Usually represented as 8 letters and or numbers separated in the middle by a dash (-)... Example: (4121-4563) And this Number will be given to a Remote Viewer (RV'er) and that is all the the RV'er will receive. This number represents a specific area or target that they are to check out with their minds or the subconscious mind...
With this being said if you would like to submit an idea that you think would make a fantastic remote viewing target please e-mail me and not put it in the comments. I say this because many of my remote viewers do read my posts and articles and they will be only given target numbers like I stated above.


To:Michael at



I will be setting up a new Youtube page in the next few weeks, related to my two groups here on onstellar, and am just in the midst of editing some videos this week so far. If I do end up using your target for a future remote viewing project I will personally let you know and will send you links to the information as well as make a video either showing the pdf pictures and information in regards to the target or having a overall explanation of the overall information all together from all the viewers... I might also do online whiteboard sessions if I am ale to be blind o the target from some of my friends. But who knows what the future will hold right. lol
Anyways, send me an email if you have some good ideas for us to remote view in the future (ONLY EMAIL) and I am still in the midst of doing training with several students and will have room in a couple of weeks for a new student or two... Depending on the availability. And still, right now I am not charging at the moment... Even though I should be cause, I am so dam busy... lol. Maybe I am being too nice, but I look at is as a favour to humanity and a greater good for everyone, as a consciousness builder for us all as a whole. I think that it is very important to know this sort of stuff because almost every aspect of our education system is completely falsified.
We DO NOT use remote viewing to look for lost property or simple mundane things like that. We try and use these highly developed skills which takes a long time to train and a long time to practice in order to either look for missing people or details regarding those missing, or we try and solve mysteries in the worlds history that is missing or just simple things in our universe that need explaining.
Try and keep the idea's along a simple basis for now, but the more interesting the target the more likely it will be picked.
SO, Good luck to all of you. I know in the past not too many emailed me in regards to this stuff but now I do have more followers and more group members but I don't assume the list will be very large nonetheless. Thanks for reading everyone, I love the fact that this community loves this kind of stuff as much as I do...

Michael V

P.S. Any questions regarding any of this stuff you can put it in the comments or if it is important than U can send me an email if u wish. :)