So what's the whole deal going on in Denver and the surrounding area, in Colarado? I began hearing stuff about venues popular with the illuminupty, and so did something of a search for myself on what ties this area to these Luciferean secret societies. I was stunned by how much I found

One particular report I read claimed a whistleblower had come forward, having refused to have any part in these designs claiming that the NWO plan (this report was dated back to 2009, New World Order is SO last decade) involves Washington burning to the ground, and a new capital city of District 1 (formerly North America: Canada, USA and Mexico) will be established, Denver claiming this illustrious honour (Source) - why this report is called "Right-wing" I'm not certain, beyond creating preconditioned responses from potential readers. Liberal readers can be reassured that there is nothing political implicated in this post whatsoever.


Then there are the implications made in the unresolved case of JonBenet Ramsay in what is clearly evidenced as a ritualistic murder. The idea of this poor girl being bred specifically to serve the perverse demands of Luciferean secret societies is heart-breaking, yet to these people who call Satan JonBet (just a coincidence, surely) this is rumoured to be common practice as pointed to in what is likely the soft disclosure in Roman Polanski's "Rosemary's Baby."

(According to this article)

"There is a Satanic ring, centered in Denver, connecting to Boulder and Sedalia Colorado as well as many other communities such as Sedona, Arizona, and Omaha, Nebraska.

  • JonBenét was killed on Christmas Eve and Josef Mengele created a sacrificial ritual for this date called, “The Last Bulb of the Christmas Tree.” Mengele’s pseudonym, Greenbaum, means green tree, and relates to the Cabalistic Tree of Life.

-Alex Hunter, Boulder’s district attorney, is a political ally of Haddon, Morgan & Foreman, the law firm representing the Ramsey’s. This could explain why  the D.A.’s office, rather than investigating the Ramsey’s, they seemed more like collaborating with them. In April 1997, the Boulder police stopped sharing information with the D.A.’s office, feeling they could no longer trust them.

  • “It is my belief the district attorney’s office has effectively crippled this case,” Det. Thomas wrote in his letter to Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner. “The time for intervention is now.” Thomas asked that an independent prosecutor be appointed to take over the case.
  • Thomas’s allegations included the following:
    • Prosecutors shared physical evidence and reports with lawyers for John and Patsy Ramsey, the parents of the slain girl.
    • Evidence remained in a laboratory untested as detectives and prosecutors grappled with how to proceed in the case. o The District Attorney’s office did not clear innocent people, but pursued them with “shameless tactics.”"


The implications of this evidence is that the whole area has been run through law enforcement, political office and business within the area by the illuminupty at least since the 1990's.


Then we have Denver International Airport, with "Blucifer" - construction reports relating to the complex of deep underground installations, and their mocking response to this being highlighted: a poster campaign designed to ridicule the people who think this way: the term conspiracy theory was dropped as a PSYOP to discredit people looking into the assassination of JFK, The Salem Witch trials were orchestrated by the Collins bloodline family in order to encourage the attitude of laughing at/ mocking anyone who made allegations of "Black Magic" - this has illuminumpty fingerprints all over it. A whole plethora of relevant information around the rumours surrounding Denver International Airport, for those who are new to this particular story, can be found here.


So it wasn't an overwhelming shock to my system when I read this blog-post: Meet the Board of Directors of Gaia, Thomas Crown. 

It seems as though the Board of Directors have all of the Deep State connections that we've grown accustomed to for anyone following this type of news over the past 12 months or so, including ties to The Clinton Global Initiative, International Banking, the Food Industry, secret societies, Bollywood and MTV/ VH1.


I can't believe that nobody has thought to question the location and the makeup of this company prior to this article. We've had 6 months of hearing the tales of woe from former employees and contributors, from the Gaia Employee Movement, the allegations made by crop-circle film-maker Patty Greer that Gaia was purposely keeping her films from receiving too much attention.


And then the bitter parting of ways between Gaia and David Wilcock which saw a damning resignation letter 

leaked to the public, along with the less-than amicable departure of David's 'Cosmic Disclosure' co-host, Corey Goode, where he was forced to remove all of the transcripts of his testimony, all of the interviews with David Wilcock and the associated graphical representations from his website. Ironically he is being pursued by an apparent media frenzy from several supposed "Independents" - anyone who has followed "QAnon" over the past year will be well conditioned to understand what "media frenzy" indicates.


This article, published by Thomas Crown's "Fade to Light" blog (turning the Rolling Stones' "Fade to Black" song title on it's head) goes through the backgrounds of each of the Board members of Gaia, Inc.


CEO and Founder: Jirka Rysavy

Snatched up independent stationers as CEO and Founder of Corporate Express, in a wellplanned anticipatory move where he knew that his company would have to be swallowed up by the Staples monopoly, netting shareholders $4.8 billion back in 2008. This appears to be the business model being employed at the “Spiritual Netflix” Gaia, where independent contributors either join or are silenced from speaking/ testifying. As I have previously reported, information has emerged regarding the Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo, that they have bought out the streaming rights and then used this position to blacklist Corey Goode… preventing him from appearing at this exposition, and apparently this is being employed throughout the exposition circuit.


More recently there has been what I and others have described as a seemingly coordinated independent media frenzy surrounding Corey Goode specifically all just ahead of the release of his and Roger Richard’s film “Above Majestic” – it would begin to make a lot of sense to suggest that a large media corporation such as Gaia may use such tactics in order to harm the sales and impact of an opponent’s ‘product’.

Jirka Rysavy at the Dubai Film Festival with Sting, United Arab Emiratess 2009

Kristin Frank. Board Director, Compensation Committee Chairman


Board Director of AdPredictive, a digital media analytical company aimed at providing ‘brands’ with predictive results in their campaigns.

Long standing board member at Viacom, including 2 years 2013 – 2015 as Executive VP, head of Digital – Music and Entertainment Division, and 2 years 2015 – 2017 as Executive VP, Executive VP, Strategy and Operations MTV.

SO yeah, the music industry and the illuminumpty… here’s a deep subject, let’s open this up with a look at one of the most controversial examples: the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, which included a prayer to Satan led by Jack Black, a ‘tribute’ to Michael Jackson which opened with the Vincent Price excerpt from the “Thriller” video being seen as a fitting eulogy to one of their own and featuring Kabbalah Priestess Madonna, and what has largely been postulated was an initiation ceremony “rite of passage” for Taylor Swift.



“Darkness falls across the land 
The midnite hour is close at hand 
Creatures crawl in search of blood 
To terrorize y'all's neighborhood 
And whosoever shall be found 
Without the soul for getting down 
Must stand and face the hounds of hell 
And rot inside a corpse's shell 
The foulest stench is in the air 
The funk of forty thousand years 
And grizzly ghouls from every tomb 
Are closing in to seal your doom 
And though you fight to stay alive 
Your body starts to shiver 
For no mere mortal can resist 
The evil of the thriller 
(Maniac laughing)”
Vincent Price excerpt from Thriller – fitting tribute to the death of it’s author?

Lady Gaga shocked many with her shockingly overt costumes glorifying the illuminupties – but perhaps the most shocking was her blood-soaked performance of “Paparazzi” – Having arrived wearing a black dress with a mask that gave her a “all-seeing eye”, she collected her award wearing a red dress and an unusual red headpiece which covered her face in a red veil and was topped by a spikey crown.


Perhaps the most shocking aspect of this festival of darkness was the initiation ceremony of Taylor Swift into the ranks before their “Queen B”

Ahead of the ceremony, Taylor was given her ‘moment’ appearing in a dress matching the colour of Beyoncé’s where they hugged. For a split, text appeared on the screen above them reading apparent gobbledegook “RDFO IL 40 PRO DEL ATO"

According to this article


Forty is the number of trial and privation in the Bible. There were forty days of the Great Flood, and forty years Moses wandered in the desert. Christ was tempted by the devil while he spent forty days in the wilderness. In essence, forty is symbolic for choosing between life and death.

What you may find interesting is that every eight years the planet Venus forms a pentagram and returns to its original point every forty years with a forty day regression. The number forty has significance in both mainstream religion and the occult.

Does the number 40 have any hidden meaning as it was flashed on the screens of all those who were watching the VMA awards that night?


Does this text have a subliminal or hidden message?

Can it be message that could deciphered by certain people?

Do you think it could mean,


Apollyon (also Abaddon) is from Revelations and is also known as the angel of Death (Fourth rider of the apocalypse, who “Blucifer” is supposed to represent).


During her acceptance for ‘Best Female Video’, Kanyé West comes up and admonishes her, declaring that Beyoncé had produced one of the best music videos of all time. This relates to an occult initiation rite of humiliation and reproval for new initiates into an inner circle.



The music industry has faced this type of criticism for at least 3 generations now, each time to be fobbed off by the younger generation… we’re just not “with it” – but make no mistake, no matter how cool this industry is, it is Lucifereanism hidden in plain sight. While this has not had me burning my Beatles/ Stones/ Led Zep – I see them in a whole different light these days. From the backwards tracks to the dodgy album art – I now have my 10-year-old daughter admonishing me for playing The Eagles’ “Hotel California” – and she made me check out the album art with the rumoured picture of The Devil himself – I remember ridiculing my own Father for paying attention to Billy Graham and his belief that Rock and Roll was the Devil’s music. Perhaps there is hope in this, that the new, up and coming generation is wiser to what’s going on in the hidden world around them.



We don’t have to go out and burn records or CDs (I don’t think cassettes have even survived this long, have they?) But we do need to be more aware of what is being shown to us graphically while the televisions lulls us into a mnemonic trance.

Chris Jaeb, Director


Those of us who have been paying attention, will have seen that Hawaii has been a particular target for the cabal, especially this year with the attempted False-Flag nuclear attack, and attempts by the Rothschild Foundation sponsored Puna Geothermal to “Frack” the Faultline and destabilise the loose rock on the South Eastern coastline, potentially causing a mass displacement of rock and causing a mega-tsunami.

Hawaii is considered by many spiritual people to be the Earth Heart chakra, and many who travel here (myself included) note a change of atmosphere that is more peaceful and loving. There seems to be a concerted effort from those who wish humanity and Gaia (the real Gaia, not Gaia, Inc) to exploit, pervert, corrupt and even destroy this earthly paradise.

David Maisel, Director

The founding chairman of Marvel Studios. While we usually think of the big screen blockbusters, Marvel also has a very big presence on Soros’ Netflix platform, churning out many joint-productions such as Daredevil, the anti-herroine Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist (as well as the collaborative Marvel’s Defenders)

Marvel oppose trademark from Corey Goode


And so yet again we see the intellectual property wars rage on, while Gaia, Inc remain quiet, others around them mobilise and attack the Independent projects which are launched in direct opposition to their own brand. Remember Q fans, there are no coincidences! Just as the apparently independent youtube journalists (I don’t want to raise their profile by naming them here) slink back into the shadows over the SSP trademark, so emerge another company, apparently independent from Gaia come forward to attack Corey Goode’s testimony from being public. Next thing you know they will be claiming that Blue Avians belongs to them too!



Here is The Edge of Wonder’s take on Marvel’s “Infinity Wars”:



Keyur Patel, Director

Here we have a “Bollywood” connection. The Indian film industry is enduring a tumultuous period of criticisms and allegations that are not so dissimilar to it’s American rivals, including a Harvey Weinstein-esque culture of sex for roles. There has also been carbon-copying of the Hollywood illuminumpty symbolism.



Wendy Schoppert, Director

Aircraft companies, Food Industry, and no cabal board would be complete without a representative from the Financial Sector… and when you look into who owns US Bancorp, you find the usual CIA suspects… somehow every time you look into a suspect company, the names Vanguard and the Blackrock Group seem to come up.

and we’ll wrap this up with Paul Sutherland, Director

Mr Sutherland is an investments specialist, who may be someone able to explain Gaia Inc’s incredible stock value despite continually running it’s subscription service at a loss? That apparent value is based upon incredible growth predictions at almost double that of the standard for the industry: 74% against 39% for Netflix. The value is based on a prediction that Gaia will have 1 million subscribers by the end of this financial year, which would seem incredible if it happened, given a disastrous year of misfortunes in terms of negative publicity.

Mr Sutherland is tied to Oxfam, The United Nations Children of the World and The Clinton Global Initiative.

In conclusion:

I’m sure there’s nothing to see here.