There’s been subversive elements in the community this past 12 months who have been going out of their way to sling as much mud as possible in the hopes that some will stick. It would seem that on twitter recently there have been elements who have taken to returning fire, revealing background details on the mud-slingers.

They aren’t happy.

CW Chanter (Benjamin I. Zavodnick, Esq.), Joe of the Carolinas (Joseph Paciarelli psy.d) and the Dark Journalist (Daniel Robillard/ Daniel Lizst) have taken exception to apparently being DOXXED (although it pretty much appears that all that has been revealed has been their real names and day-jobs, and Benjamin says that he released this information himself months ago) – but they do not like that a group of anons, upset that these three in particular have been making for themselves a career out of attacking Corey Goode, Roger Richards and Jordan Sather (pretty much everyone who has had a hand in “Above Majestic” in the run-up to it’s release – coincidentally of course) have begun to dig around to uncover who these antagonists really are.

I don’t even consider myself a citizen journalist. The blogs that I have posted here over these past few weeks have been based upon my own opinions on the issues that have been arising in the Facebook communities that I have found myself involved in. I consider it due diligence to do a little research into the backgrounds of the people I’m speaking about. I tip my hat to the detective work of those who have managed to uncover these details. The veil is thinning and our consciousness is demanding that we ask the right questions ourselves rather than sitting in front of the television and being given our answers and opinions. We reject spoon-feeding… …which coincidently is exactly the type of journalism that we find on the channels of the 3 above-named “independents”

To anyone who has tried running a Youtube channel or even moderating a Facebook group, you’ll know how time-consuming it can be. You’d be very hard-pressed to take this kind of commitment seriously alongside 9 to 5 business commitments, but it seems that a channel with a couple of thousand subscribers is more lucrative these days than practicing law or a psychology doctorate. You’ll forgive me if I don’t find that unusual. I’m sure that you are each extremely talented at doing what you have been trained to do, and I approach this merely on an amateur level.

When you make a living out of the character assassination of one of the leading figures in our community, changing your name or putting on a thick accent to make you sound as though you are common, every-day folk… when you spend your time playing pretend and acting your way through suggesting that someone else is making it all up, that’s when it matters to the community at large – knowing that you are being less than authentic yourselves. You’re Hollywood. You’re Mockingbird. That is exposed, and so now you are up in arms that people have done their own research.

Direct messages to those exposing the information on the so-called Dark Alliance on twitter tell me that they have several witnesses including a whistle-blower of their own. A former employee of G-TV who is connecting many of the dots that I have suggested previously in these blogs. This person has come forward and spoken to an attorney. They have agreed to testify and go to the authorities with a statement. The critics and opponents (let's refer to them as victims, here) of this corporation have built a strong case that leaves no doubt that this Corporate Entity is responsible for mobilising these forces into this spate of attacks. 


This WHISTLEBLOWER has apparently also passed the COREY GOODE scrutiny test. While he is convinced as to the authenticity of this person’s claims, he is choosing to stay outside of the movement to expose the hidden forces steering the actions to destabilise the community;  instead focussing as much as possible on healing the rift that the actions of this media group are causing within the Truth/ Esoteric/ UFO community.

I am in full agreement. While there is clearly a whole lot going on behind the scenes here, I’m personally already feeling drained by the negativity. The nature of our community is to open our doors and our arms to all-comers. While this makes us vulnerable to these types of attack, it should be seen as an opportunity, not only to different and outside perspectives, but for us to examine our hearts and minds, to establish where we each stand.

Most of us are striving to recognise when we are being driven by ego and the need to be “right” – for me, this is how these attackers stood out in the first place. We don’t need to agree with or believe in everything that we are presented with. Often, we will say why we disagree or disbelieve, as goes with being in a community. We tend to reject the things that we disagree with in a compassionate way, and only when it arises in conversation. Not making “opposing” something our life or career objective.

It’s about what we stand for, rather than what we stand against.

Time to drop the Blue Chicken Cult slurs – I’m sure that the Blue Avians wouldn’t be offended, but it’s the ordinary people in the community who ARE hurt by this.

By all means, continue what you do on your Youtube channels, but don’t try and infiltrate pro-Corey Goode/ pro-David Wilcock etc. Facebook groups spouting your hate – keep it in your own groups – we strive to provide safe places for people to open-up about their own experiences and seek genuine answers from people of a similar mind. Of course, we will defend that, you couldn’t and shouldn’t expect us not to. As a moderator in some of these groups I have witnessed the subversion creeping in, we are protective of our “tribes” and we WILL resist that insurgency.

I for one will accept the offer of an olive branch if it is extended, provided that it is about respecting one another’s boundaries.