I am launching some new websites!!! UFO.video CRYPTIC.video and INQUIREWITHINOFFICIAL.com! These sites are exactly how they sound.

UFO.video will hopefully grow into the largest one stop site for UFO/ ET craft footage, online documentaries, witness testimony, lectures and interviews!

CRYPTIC.video is a one stop site for Paranormal footage and Cryptid footage. Ghosts, EVPs, Poltergeists, Sasquatch, Jersey Devil and soon i'll expand it to have a horror movie section.

I am running these pages similar to Drudge Report, a massive aggregator site. The footage is all a direct feed from the owners channels, so every video play counts towards them and helps them grow their site and viewers will have opportunity to subscribe to the footage owners site.

INQUIREWITHINOFFICIAL.com is an updated version of my inquirewithinshop.com, there are new features on the site making it more than just a storefront. All three sites are intertwined, they provide easy access to each others features.

Each site is in an early phase with not near the content that I want them to have. If there are any sections that you think should be added or videos that you want featured please LET ME KNOW!!!! Comment all your ideas and links to videos!

Over time each site will get more and more features and sections.