Atlantis Stargate & Detroit (Freeman T.V.)

My recent appearance on Freeman T.V.!

Atlantis Stargate & Detroit – Chad Stuemke
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The idea of launching rocket ships to distant stars seems unlikely. In a time when you can control your television with your mind, maybe conscious travel should be in our thoughts. How do you travel through the time space continuum? A Stargate?

Are there relics that let us know of ancient high civilizations in the past? In Detroit?! Signs and symbols recur throughout the ages as if the architects are connected with some alien force that directs their construction. What was Crowley doing in Detroit? Why is the largest headquarters of secret societies there?

The Stargate symbolism is undeniable and it runs back through time. Would seeing Thomas Jefferson in the Time Space Continuum shock you? Maybe we all need to get out and look around at the occult world that encapsulates us!



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