The thing with Lazar...if we are going to go over this this..

Bob Lazar is an onion... there are many layers of truth around the edges, but dig deep enough into the onion and at the core is a lie, a lie that has fooled people due to the "truths" and half truths surrounding it, these truths give the lie credibility.

Tell Ed’ We have a problem..
I believe that Bob Lazar worked at facilities in and around the Groom Lake facility. Ed Teller who recruited him and gave him the job there, well, maybe he was having an off day, in retrospect he probably wished he was on vacation that week! In previous interviews with Teller, the mere mention of Bobs name has him ranting and raving and getting quite mad about the whole thing. The reason for this is quite simple, he gave a job to someone he should not have done, who did not have the qualifications but somehow, slipped through the net, one simple human error and boy.. didn’t he know it in the end!

I believe that Bob worked there for this reason and that there are other details he has given to others that only someone who has been to the ranch would know, this is also how Bob knew what days the "tests" happened at the base. "Tests" - I will come back to that.

Bob the Onion
Back to the "Onion" - Bob has repeated the same story since he first came forward. However, just because someone states the same thing over and over and because the story does not change, does and should not give more credibility to the core story, purely on the basis that is hasn’t changed, it must be true!! - That is so illogical and doesn’t make sense. The core part of Bobs story - The Ufo angle / Sports model / Element 115 (mentioned in 1974 high school chemistry books) etc - is the lie.. wrapped in some truths and partial truths. It is these partial truths that people believe should give the core lie more credibility, when that is not the case in my opinion.

I am a seriously a real cat, in a humans body, honest!
If I told you for 20 years that I am a cat... and didn’t change that approach or how I conveyed that I was a cat, as sincerely and as intelligently as possible…even meowing convincingly. it wouldn’t change the fact... that I am not a cat! - Just as a side note.. I am not a cat, more of dog kind of person.. 

Death Rays in The Desert
These "Tests" - Well it turns out there was a particle beam weapon that was rumored to be in operation and testing at "The Ranch" in 1980. As I believe Bob worked there, he would know when these tests were to take place, hence, he took his friends out there and witnessed and videoed said tests. Particle beam weapons, such as the one at the ranch have a limited range. When they meet their range, about a mile up, the particle beam will start to react with elements in the local atmosphere, mostly nitrogen and other elements, in some instances they will fuse, causing Ufology’s favorite friend "atmospheric plasmas". These can glow many pretty colours....mostly orange in this case. See Bobs Videos.....The main issue and the conundrum facing Bob, was when he got caught out there!! 

He got dragged to Indiana Springs and questioned why the hell he was out there with friends, considering his security clearance and job etc. Whilst they were probably wondering what to do with him and Bob was probably thinking he was going to end up buried in the desert somewhere in a box alongside some dismantled stealth demonstrator or under lots of Barrels of RAM coating, that’s when he came up with the core lie to the whole story. I hypothesize, that it is at this point he realized that he would need to fabricate a story to ensure his survival and if you think about it, it was quite brilliant really.

Go out to the world say you were asked to work on captured alien technology by the government at a secret base. This would create a BIG problem for the government. Now they could not disappear him for breaching his security clearance, neither could they press charges and lock him in prison for the rest of his life as it would draw more attention to the Ranch and it would make a martyr of Lazar, it would look like confirmation to the world, that he was telling the truth regarding UFOs. 

Caught Knapping
As for Bob, Knapp & Lear (I'll get to Lear) breaking the story of Area 51 to the world.. Well that’s not quite true and George Knapp should have known better, his predecessor and mentor knew it and I can only assume that Knapp did too. I don't trust Knapp at all and I believe he is one of the main drivers of the narrative over the last 30 something years. Again, just because a lie is repeated continually, does not make it truth.

Bob Stoldal - was Knapp’s mentor and he is featured in an article from "World News Weekly" - "August 1980" - that makes it 9 years before Lazar. Knapp’s mentor comments in this article also, about being followed, called up by government agents and all sorts of crazy things due to their investigations of the base. Sounds like history repeated with Knapp and Bob...!

The article also speaks of particle weapons and an aircraft out in the desert being tested that is "stealth" - Remember this is an article from 1980! The words "Area51" "Stealth Fighter" and "Laser Weapons / Particle weapons" appear in this article.

Have a look for yourself;

Stealthy Side note;
Interestingly, it was the same month!! - that Lazar came forward with his "Story" that Aviation Weekly ran their story of the first blurry photos of the F117a Stealth Fighter. - I believe the person that leaked this story and that even took the photo, was John Lear, but this a theory and nothing more. However, the timeline of the events, being in the same month is surely interesting.

Aviation Weekly Article - May 1st 1989

Don't Get Leary
Lear - well, I have droned on enough already and I am sure you have already skipped this or fell asleep, so I will keep this brief and only revisit more if people want me to. But Lear gets the whole "Crazy Uncle of Ufology" tag. Well, he had as much to do with the whole Bennewitz story as Doty did...ask Greg Valdez's son and all of the FOIA and other evidence to back this up.. Lear is as much the grandfather of the deception as anyone.

Anyway... most of what I have wrote is a theory / hypothesis, but when your gut tells you it feels right, it feels right to me.

I must make this clear to those that believe Lazar's story, I am not a debunker.. I am believe it or not an "Experiancer" - I hate the trending meme of a word, but I am someone who is in search of answers, but when something smells like BS..looks like BS and feels like BS...its probably not a cheese sandwich or a cat.

PS when I made my particle weapons theory known, Lear responded to me directly almost immediately....make of that what you will.