This one I just had to share, for the journalist spoke as to what is really going on here in western Canada and the oil sands project that is such a negative sore on the land and for the people who live and work in Alberta.  I respect this view she shared and I am sharing.  

November 2018 also brought a study from the Corporate Mapping Project that found that last year alone, those same five companies booked $46.6 billion in profits. That gusher of extracted wealth is precisely what is being protected by these manufactured crises. In a right-side up world, a large chunk of those profits would be redirected to put thousands of workers back on the job, cleaning up the looming crisis of aging oil infrastructure in Alberta. Real crises, when met at scale and in the public interest, contain real opportunities.

( So who is really to blame for Alberta's loss of jobs.. Read this article, for it reveals the real truth and not what the media that is controlled by the corporate interests who do not want to share their billions with the people. )