One of the biggest tragedies of modern life is that people have to spend most of their time outside of their true calling.


Profession without a passion – it makes one’s life dull and uninspiring, inclining the person to wish for Friday as early as Monday.  When the eagerly anticipated weekend comes, there is barely enough time to recover from the previous working week and to collect some strength for the next period, which is practically the same as the previous one.


That’s how the whole life passes by: joyless movement between Mondays and Fridays and some nostalgic memories of fleeting enjoyable vacations when during a couple of weeks away from the mandatory job duties, a person finally starts to experience the taste of freedom and real life.


Is it fair to blame these people for being “asleep” and not being capable of “awakening” and embarking on the path of spiritual quest? Routine work from eight to five from Monday to Friday is the most reliable “sleeping pill” that can keep millions of people in a state of lethargic sleep for many centuries. 


When the primary need for physical survival is not met, you don’t have much choice for investing your time into any specific interest other than earning certain amount of money per week/month/year. In order to break away from the money-making system, you need to have fair amount of courage and faith, but at the same time - the absence of any financial obligations of supporting your family that can end up on the street if you suddenly move to live in a monastery or immerse yourself in any creative activity that doesn’t bring any money.


It seems like such system has been intentionally created on Earth, so that the most of the population is being kept in a state of survival, stagnation and spiritual coma. Even those lucky ones, who have their survival needs met, are still the prisoners of this system as they pursue the goals of the next level related with their social status, therefore selling themselves to the corporate systems for the slightly higher pay rate.


A lot of these people (maybe all of them, actually) would like to break away from corporate slavery to begin creating their own masterpiece that truly inspires them, but in the most cases they are restrained by the uncertainty of the financial outcome of such endeavour, doubting that their creation will be popular and supported by others. Even though someone may demonstrate great strength and willpower by exiting the matrix of corporate money system, sacrificing their stable income, they become extremely vulnerable and dependent on the support of society in order to continue following the path of their calling.


In this online community, everyone is familiar with the example of Corey Goode, who had to face quite a difficult choice: to continue existing within the system that was providing him and his family with a stable income, or to follow the call of his soul, becoming a messenger for humanity by sharing unorthodox information – the act that closed the doors to any conventional income for him. Corey chose to move along the path outlined by his Higher Self, accepting the risks and pain related with getting out of the matrix. As a result of this choice, he became dependent on the support of the very people for whom he agreed to take such a step.


Obviously it’s not the experience that most of us would desire to have – asking others to donate money for supporting our livelihood. Oddly enough, our system is designed in such way that any officials living solely on the part of other people’s income (taxes), do not consider themselves being beggars and they believe that their wellbeing has to be subsidised by mandatory “donations” from others because they do important work for the society (I’m not going to discuss the nature of some of their workings here!). However, a person who truly devotes himself to work for the benefit of all mankind feels vulnerable and humiliated when he is forced to ask for financial support from mankind. Isn’t it another example of the inverted truth that we are accustomed to believe unconditionally and unconsciously?


In Corey’s example, he was blessed to have a group of talented people gathering around him and being able to transform Corey’s endeavour into a product that not only embodies the essence of his mission (information), but also represents something that people are normally willing to buy (such as comic books, movies, souvenirs etc.)


Perhaps it’s possible to express a spiritual calling in a format that it will be attractive for people to buy it, though it’s not always easy to find the best suitable solution and to be able to implement it on one’s own. In Corey’s case, an entire team of people was necessary to design appropriate concepts and to create products that can become a source of income for their creators.


Now let’s talk about the practical steps that anyone can start making in order to weaken the ties of the matrix, making it possible for people with mission to follow their unconventional path.


First of all, it’s important to acknowledge that breaking away from the corporate money system is not always possible without going through hardship. This is why it’s necessary to develop a sensible plan for quitting your boring money-making job in favour of switching to inspirational activities. Gradual change maybe the key: try to allocate certain amount of hours per week for developing your future idea and also start pursuing your goal using the power of your mind (meditate, visualize).


Some people may not be aware of anything that they would be able to call their life mission or even an inspiring goal.  They may need more time for the so-called "search for themselves", this is a normal process and it shouldn’t be rushed. Revelation can come in the form of a sudden “calling,” but very often it takes many trials and different experiences before one can understand what really resonates with one’s own soul.


However there is something that each of us can start doing right now for ushering in the release from the matrix. The clue is in front of us, but it’s hidden from our direct view because it’s situated “on the other side of the mirror.” Here is the lead: life is a mirror - we receive back the same thing we project outwards. It means that if you want the pursuit of your life mission to receive support from the society, you have to literally become this society by supporting the inspirational undertakings of others. The key is to start doing it from your heart – it means unconditionally, without expecting anything in return (otherwise you are projecting false support).


In the current economical system the most efficient way to support and promote something is by the “dollar voting”. For example, if you fell in love with a specific painting, then support the artist, who invested her creativity into this work. If you enjoy a certain music piece, express your gratitude to the composer by encouraging her to continue writing music, rather than earning her dollar at the factory. A small contribution - the price of a DVD, book, painting, MP3 download etc. - this is the fair compensation for the benefits you received by enjoying someone else's creation. The total sum of such contributions from different people will become a reliable source of economic support for those brave but vulnerable souls who ventured beyond the borders of the matrix.


Quite often we are being tempted to download something for free over the internet, if this opportunity exists, even though it might be illegal. During this time of temptation consider the following: who is the person who created the masterpiece that you’d like to possess, what inspired this author to share their creation with public, how much time and energy was invested in this work? Perhaps you will experience an empathic reaction when trying to understand the challenges of the author pursuing their unconventional goal, so your intention to use the fruit of their labour without giving anything in return will vanish, therefore leading you to support this person financially and thus giving them opportunity to continue creating. After all, maybe it is the fear of lack of support from society that prevents you from investing yourself in your own creative process?


This idea of supporting "poor artists", writers and craftsmen creating from their heart is also passing on to the private manufacturers, producers and farmers who have strength and courage to go against the corporate monsters, so that they can share the results of their passion and inspiration with you.


There is an old Russian saying: "One thread from everyone will provide the poor person with a robe”. It’s true, but at some point in history the word “robe” was changed to the “rope” (for hanging oneself). It demonstrates how the initial idea of collective power was replaced with pessimistic view on our ability, or lack of ability, to escape from the matrix. For many centuries we have been giving our power away to people who would demonstrate more strength. It is time now for us to take our strength back and to use the power of our collective consciousness for building the future WE want.  We can start from small deeds like the one I described in this article: “One dollar from everyone will provide a creative person with freedom”.


© Rita Lev, 2018



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