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Did you hear the SPACE news?

Yesterday on December 17th, 2018, it was announced that Donald Trump will be signing an Executive Order this week to create the "U.S. SPACE COMMAND". This will be a new combatant command that will align with Special Operations Command.


While this is not a new branch of the military like the "Space Force" would be, the important thing about this move is that a new combatant command does not require Congressional approval, which was where Deep State bureaucratic opposition was stifiling the Space Force from moving forward. All Space Command needs is an Executive Order from the president, which I believe was signed today. Big move! While the "Space Force" was about selling the idea of a greater Space Program than what we already have (or admit we have) to the public and bringing the possibilities of "space" to the forefront of the mass consciousness, it now sounds like it's time to get down to business with disclosure - a Space COMMAND. This sounds more legitimate, more official, more exploratory. Many are saying this Space Command is a crucial stepping stone into forcing the creation of the Space Force, or it could be such that this combatant command will achieve the same goal of disclosing the Secret Space Programs as the Space Force would have. Regardless, the strategy they're doing all of this with is incredible, and I'm trusting the plan!

As The Hill reports, "The military already has a Space Command under the Air Force but the creation of a separate body would unify the activities and 30,000 personnel under it."

30,000 personnel? It's still a work in process for me to become well versed on military operations, but that sounds like quite a large number for a brand new command! For perspective, public information resources estimate the NSA itself to have 30,000 personnel, the CIA around 20,000. Air Force Space Operations is also estimated to be around 20,000 people. So 30,000 people for a new command sounds like there will be some serious work being done, or could it be setting operations up to roll out the Disclosure of what is already occuring in the Space domain?

And that's not all that yesterday brought us, I also saw through Ivanka Trump's Twitter account, she let it be known that The National Quantum Initiative Act was passed through the Senate last week, heading to the House for approval this week, which when approved, will be signed intro law by President Trump.


This bill "defines "quantum information science" as the storage, transmission, manipulation, or measurement of information that is encoded in systems that can only be described by the laws of quantum physics." Committees will be established to research development quantum technologies with the help of NASA, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and the Department of Energy. This seems to be a way that the "Alliance" could be forcing the issue of these "alternative sciences", what we could call true physics into the public domain. In the future, I will delve much more into reconciling the often false assumptions of the mainstream Standard Model of Physics with alternative theories of physics that make a whole lot more sense, for it has been a deep study of mine lately. This is a crucial element is the big picture process of Disclosure - reframing of the deepest belief systems that have been ingrained into us about science, about what is REAL and what is POSSIBLE. We need to raise the mass consciousness before we can assume the responsilibty of harboring and using these technologies! Folks like Nikola Tesla were able to do this. Wasn't Donald Trump's "nuclear uncle", John G. Trump, the man tasked by the FBI to search Tesla's New York apartment upon his death in 1943 and find his most precious papers?

Interesting. I wonder what Donald Trump knows in terms of what’s possible, and what’s already been done.

It goes to note, during his Inaugural Address on January 20th, 2017, Donald Trump did say, 

“We stand at the birth of a new millennium, ready to unlock the mysteries of space, to free the Earth from the miseries of disease, and to harness the energies, industries and technologies of tomorrow”

It seems as if they are are making us ready, for we have been alerted to through the QAnon disclosure by the Alliance, (the Rebel Alliance!) working with the Trump Administration, disseminating information for 14 months as of this writing, "Space is coming back in a big way”. Copy that, Rogue Leader.

This post from December 22nd, 2017, about 6 months before Trump announced the “Space Force” in June 2018, mentions exactly that.

A few months ago in Sept, 2018, Q let it be known that "Space programs exist outside of public domains"

. Notice the line of questioning, "Is this why the Space Force was created?". Here, we essentially have official admittance that the Trump Administration and those military leaders around him have direct knowledge of Secret Space Programs.

The Space Command, the Quantum Initiative Act, the Battle for Disclosure is really heating up! I will be releasing research papers on the blog of my website digging into many more of these connections in who and how all these Disclosures are happening.

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