Hey-Yoh Everyone,

Been a long while since I have put anything up, but I got my target back for this remote viewing tasking. The California fires and how did they start> how did the fire do the strange things that were reported>and who is behind the fires if anyone? A very interesting tasking I must say!

As I look through my pictures and words that I wrote down for this remote viewing report I think to myself, How in the hell didn't you figure out that this wasn't the Cali fires after I was all done? hahaha seriously, cause there is fire's and hills, homes and all, which were all being torched by a spaceship and a satellite. And WOW! I really couldn't believe that's what it was after I was told that , that's what I was remote viewing... Really> it is the strangest fire setting technology I have ever seen with any remote viewing or have ever heard of. It's just that strange. So below I am putting in the PDF. individual pics of each page that I did for my remote viewing. Believe it or not, this was very good target contact for me . Which basically means that I feel very sure that this is what has happened and that I would bet on it for sure being correct of what actually happened.

Now that I have gotten the tasking back and know it was the Cali Fires I looked into it only a tiny bit and even saw some pictures on here, how it would skip entire areas and somehow start again 200 feet away. Cars completely melted down, houses burnt to a crisp but the tree's are fine right beside it. So this is tell tale signs now of this freak weapon being used on the American people. Innocent people... People that do not deserve to go through something like his because some jerk in a suit told others to do so. It is ugly, dumb and shouldn't ever happen again.

If you have something to say about this post, GOOD OR BAD please put a comment below. if you see something wrong in the data please mention it as well. But if you even have something to say on the matter I would definitely like the feedback.

Thank You