Hope you're having a great Christmas, holidays, or whatever you choose to celebrate, if you even choose to celebrate anything!

I got myself a neat present last night, a feature in this article on UFO's and the Space Force by Washington Times!

It was written by their White House reporter (interesting!) and actually doesn't do half bad in briefly summarizing the issue. While they mention that "conspiracy" word quite a bit (carefully pandering to the mainstream audience, understandably), they don't overly work to discredit or smear as you would think most mainstream publications would try to do. They featured some Tweets I made earlier in the year in regards to the Space Force being used to disclose Secret Space Programs.

I made those tweets quite a while ago, so they must have had them saved for a situation like this! Or they did some serious digging to go back through my timeline and find those.

They also featured Dr. Michael Salla's work in there as well!

All in all, I'd say this is a big win in the Pushing Disclosiure Mainstream category!

Also, there is some other news to be said in regards to the Space Force and disclosure of Secret Space Programs.

Earlier in the week, news surfaced about Secretary of Defense, Marine General James Mattis retiring from his position at the end of February. Then, this developing within the last 48 hours, it has been reported that Mattis is being asked by the Trump Administration to leave his position as SecDef by January, making way for the Deputy Secretary of Defense, Patrick Shanahan, to take the head spot.

Couple things to note here:

1) While many might see this as a sign of turmoil within the White House, remember: everything we see on the public surface is very much planned, and is not what's actually going on behind the scenes. Trust the Plan! I would imagine James Mattis is resigining to be utilized in another function to combat the Deep State. Maybe he will be utilized as a part of the Military Tribunals? From what we are hearing through Q, that might be a good possibility!

and 2) Patrick Shanahan. Who is he?

Well for one, he is a former Vice President of Boeing, and not only that, he was tasked by the Trump Administration to take the #2 spot within the Department of Defense early on, and since Donald Trump's Space Force announcement, Patrick Shanahan has been a huge propanent of the creation of the Space Force, as opposed to many folks within the military-industrial-complex who are against the creation of it. Now Shanahan will be in the head spot as the interim Secretary of Defense earlier than planned.

I would say if anyone knows some stuff about the black projects, it would probably be Patrick Shanahan, and his position FOR the Space Force is a big sign that we may be in the next stages of pushing Disclosure public. There is much more to be said on all of this!

Exciting times!
That's all for now.