"I never let my friends down
I've never made a boob
I'm a glossy magazine, an advert in the tube
I'm the urban spaceman, baby; here comes the twist--
I don't EXIST"
The Nine after 9-09 Edition of "The Memiors of Billy Shears" details how William (Willy) Shepherd, likely a British Govt Agent who was a session muscian in the 60s, played the characters of Phil Ackrill, Vivian Stanshall and the current Paul McCartney.  If you have ever wondered about the opening lines to the Wings song Rock Show,"What's that man holding in his hand?  He looks a lot like a guy, I knew way back when.  It's silly Willy with Philly Band.  Could be, ooh-ee", now you know the origin.  It is no suprise that 'McCartney' goes on to sing in the song, "What's that man movin' 'cross the stage?  It looks a lot like the one used by Jimmy Page.  It's like a Relic from A different age.  Could be, ooh-ee," about another fellow session muscian at the time.
The music video for the Bonzos "I'm the Urban Spaceman," interestingly produced by Paul McCartney, is chalked with Paul is Dead clues, from a 'McCartney' mask to the magi costumes that Stanshall is wearing.
See how many clues you can uncover.  The most humourous thing, comes from the alternate promo of the song, where Vivian is playing his English Horn, like the one he is holding on the Sgt. Pepper's album cover.  Notice the other Sgt. Pepper's horn used in the video;)
Now you understand why the Beatles were all holding horns for the cover of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album, even though they didn't play them.  The real story of the Beatles (Magical Mystery Tour) is FAR MORE mysterious than publically known.  The mystery could almost be compared to the best UFO cases.
Happy Holidays!!!