There is nothing more crazy to a true Beatles fan than the conspiracy that Paul McCartney died in 1966 and was replaced with a very good double.  Anybody who considers themselves a Beatles and Paul McCartney fan can clearly see that no one could replace the musical talent, as the hardworking man is one of the greatest of all time with works spanning decades.  Certainly there are the CLUES, but any rational Beatles fan would never think that all those 'Paul is Dead' clues on album covers and backwards masking were deliberate.  After all the Beatles have brushed off the conspiracy over the years; with McCartney's explanation for walking across barefoot on the "Abby Road" album cover, for example, was because it was a hot day so he kicked off his sandals.  And he was more comfortable barefooted on hot pavement?  These explanations, although throwing cold water on the subject, never seem to add up but rather add more clues to the mystery.


Of course the alleged story that the biological Paul McCartney was killed in a car crash and was replaced by a very good double, has been active really since the late 60s.  But most fans would agree that the whole conspiracy seems impossible to be true; as it would be hard enough getting someone else to physically pass as the real Paul, let alone finding someone with the same musical talent and songwriting ability.  The crazy legend that a look-a-like contest was held and the winner chosen to replace the great artist, seems highly unlikely to produce another left handed musical equal.  So for years the whole 'Paul is Dead' camp seemed to be on the crazy side of conspiracy minded groups.  Then around the year 2009, three 'new' sources come on the 'Paul is Dead' scene that seemed to provide many more clues and insights that lit a fire under the topic.  The first source on the modern scene was a channel and artist on YouTube by the handle iamaphoney.  This source was not just one channel but rather many other mysterious sister channels with short Beatles videos, a movie called "The Winged Beatle," along with studio quality songs produced by reversing Beatles songs.  Here is an example with the Beatles song "Dear Prudence" rearranged in reverse to produce the song by iamaphoney, "Starimaginal."  This particular sister channel has the song played backwards first to reveal "Dear Prudence," and then played forwards to reveal the iamaphoney song "Starimaginal."  There are MANY more studio quality songs that phoney has produced; and in fact assembled some of them into a LP release called "The Right Album."  Iamaphoney was active on YouTube between the years 2006-1013, and has since slowed way down with releases.


In the year 2009, Thomas Uharriet's book release, "The Memoirs of Billy Shears" burst onto the scene with some of the same clever clues and insights, yet with even more highly revealing insider stories and revelations.  This book shared for the first time in the 'Paul is Dead' community, for example, that the original Paul McCartney foresaw his death AND replacement in the Beatles through a series of prophetic dreams.  This is further explained why this fortunate young man on top of the world, in a solid relationship with Jane Asher at the time, could write such deep songs about loss and pain like "Yesterday" and "Eleanor Rigby."  Allegedly "the shadow hanging over" young Paul at the time was the haunting dreams of his death and replacement; and "all the lonely people" were his friends and loved ones that he would leave behind who could not mourn because of the secret.  "Memoirs" explains that McCartney's replacement was a highly talented session musician in the early 1960s, who played multiple instruments, including wind instruments, and could read music.  The book alleges that William or Billy Shepherd, Paul's replacement, has played different characters in various bands, Phil Akrill, Billy Pepper and the Pepperpots, Vivian Stanshall of the Bonzos, as well as the current Paul McCartney.  So likely Paul's replacement was NOT some simple look-a-like contest winner, but rather some highly skilled session musician, who was very likely an undercover British agent with access to high technology and advanced medical techniques, not to mention the intimidation factor to keep folks silent throughout the years.  Tom's book does not exactly suggest that Paul McCartney's replacement was a British agent however.


In 2010, a DVD was released by Highway Entertainment called "The Last Testament of George Harrison."  The film was narrated by a voice that sounds more or less like the late George Harrison, detailing even more clues but also floating the idea, unlike the other two sources, that MI5 was involved.  The film does NOT suggest that McCartney's replacement was an agent, but rather just another one of the lads under "Maxwell's Silver Hammer."  All three of the sources, iamaphoney, "Memoirs of Billy Shears," and "The Last Testament of George Harrison," seem to throw off the credibility by inserting some fiction and some confliction, yet also seem chalked with incredible insights and clues found nowhere else.  And it seem that when all three sources are considered as a trilateral to one puzzle, weeding out the nonsense, a realistic story emerges that is so weighted with clues that it would be IMPOSSIBLE for it not to be true.  The puzzle points to William Shepherd or simply Billy Shears and the rest of the Beatles, and their friends, telling the world the truth throughout the years with clues in songs, promos, album art, etc.  And it seems that Billy is likely behind iamaphoney and "Memoirs" with disclosure eventually coming; but the point is that the Beatles, never pulled off a con, and super talented Billy is hardly a "phoney" at his work; as he has also been preparing the public throughout the years and still putting out outstanding product. 


Beatle Billy Shepherd is NOT an imposter, but rather just the seventh and final Beatle in my opinion.  This man has been Paul McCartney longer than biological Paul had been according to legend.  And Billy's discography and other works speak for themselves as one of the greatest song writing talents of all time, despite not likely being "the real Paul."  As before him came and went other Beatles, Stu and Pete, as well as his 'brother' Paul.  There is evidence that Tom's latest "Memoirs" book, that interestingly came out the same week that 'McCartney's' new album "Egypt Station" dropped this September, is synced with the new album.  And therefore shows proof that 'McCartney' has been involved with these outside sources all along.  The book talks about Billy Shepherd seeing original Paul as a "brother."  And in two songs on the new album, "I Don't Know" and "Naked," 'Paul' sings about his "younger brother."  Now certainly Paul could be referring to his brother Mike McGear in the two songs; but taken in context of a career long disclosure and Tom's new book release timing, he may very likely be  referring to his "brother" in the two songs as a double of the biologically younger Paul McCartney.  Now here comes the fun part...  There is an iamaphoney song called "Walk out Naked" which is "Golden Slumbers" in reverse.  Now we all know that the Beatles song "Golden Slumbers" is part of a final medley.  Very interestingly the new McCartney song "Naked," which seems like a sync to phoney's "WalkOutNaked," is ALSO part of a final medley, "Hunt You Down/Naked/C-Link" on the new "Egypt Station" album released this September.  So I encourage folks to try to piece it together rather than just brushing it off as pure nonsense, because things can start to blow your mind the further you go down the rabbit hole.