As promised, Linda Moulton Howe retracted her previous enthusiastic endorsement of the adventures of "secret astronaut" Jon LaVine, fleshing out the details of his lies in her Coast to Coast AM broadcast on December 27, 2018.


You can read the story in the graphic below.


Howe presents evidence that LaVine lied about being a military pilot and participating in Apollo moonlanding missions during which he communicated telepathically with an alien and took a photograph of it.


OnStellar members will be proud to know that our members discovered and posted the evidence Linda cites that LaVine had even faked the photograph of him wearing an "Apollo 20" spacesuit in 1976. It was actually a photo of Space Shuttle astronaut Katherine Sullivan preparing for a mission in 1989.


Amazingly, he is still lying about lying about all this, right here on OnStellar -- he even posted an article on January 5th where he has the audacity to insist that it's really him in that photo, Katherine Sullivan just happens to look like him, and NASA mysteriously "assigned" the photo to her files:


Man! How stupid does he think people are?


I'd say that Mr LaVine owes the OnStellar community an apology. He was welcomed here and encouraged by folks who believed him and wanted him to get his story out. He betrayed that trust and support.

And, of course, he ought to apologize to Linda Moulton Howe, who interviewed him for seven hours and devoted nearly her entire Coast to Coast show to his fabricated stories.


He owes millions of people an apology -- the listening audience of the broadcast, who were led to believe that Linda was finally presenting the most coveted goal in all of journalism: a genuine photograph of an alien, one that came with an impeccable provenance.


Finally, he owes every American an apology for dishonestly trading on his military service and misrepresenting it in the service of perpetrating a hoax.


Jon started this fiasco with his now infamous "I've Decided To Come Clean!" article here on OnStellar.


Don't you think it's about time to really come clean now, Jon?