Benjamin Fulford joining the fight for earths liberation

Mass Meditation on January 21

Dear Ben:

The war against the cabal will lead us either to survival or ruin, and therefore we have to fight on all fronts.  That is why I invite you and your readers to participate in the RETURN OF LIGHT mass meditation on January 21st at 12:11 AM EST in New York.

There are occult reasons behind Cabal’s rituals, and now we have an opportunity to anchor more positive energy onto the surface of this planet by participating in this meditation.

Before any of us decides to skip this mass meditation, let’s ask ourselves one thing:  do we really want the Cabal to win and destroy our beautiful planet?  They call us the useless eaters and our death is a great cleansing for them.  They hate us because they think we are inferior to them, and they are destroying everything that humanity and this planet can be.

During this critical time we have to decide whether we want to be free or to only have an illusion of freedom.  Those of us who want to be truly free must fight on all fronts, and therefore I invite you and your readers to participate in this planetary mass meditation during the lunar eclipse on January 20th/21st.

Here you can find out more about this meditation in the following posts and YouTube video:

As people always said, in unity we will win, while ignorant we fall.

Videos about this meditation have already been created in more than 20 languages, which shows the great importance of this meditation.

Let us come together and bring forth a true change for the world.

Thank you for joining the fight for Earth in any possible way.

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