BREAKING NEWS: 18 JAN 2019 1.55PM UK time.

The false flag scheduled for tomorrow 19 Jan 19, that Q has been warning of from day 1, involving an earthquake near La PALMA, the CANARY Islands, which then triggers the mega tsunami that hits the entire East Coast of the USA, Caribbean, West Africa Coast, Northern Brazil and French West Coast, appears to have started, with BREAKING NEWS reports of an earthquake in the CANARY Islands near La PALMA a few hours ago.





Those familiar with Gematria know that the number 42 = Freemason.  The initial earthquake has been reported as a 4.2 magnitude.




Here is one of the graphics from the RED WAVE post from last weekend 12 Jan 2019:




I ask again that we all start a concentrated meditation on the light Forces preventing this massacre.  Please forward these drops to as many as possible. We are all witnesses.

Here again are the links to the 2 recent posts concerning this mother of all false flags: