Broadly, and without the everyday populace even realizing the true foundation of it all – the entire 'economic system' that everyone has been indoctrinated into at school (and beyond that), in prepping for & playing a future role in, all has some incomprehensible / down-line / connected trace of blood on its hands, and could be considered as being an underpinning cult-following in one form or another... Sadly, if one truly looks closely at our vastly-ensnared / trickle-down 'economic system' of today with a fine-toothed comb, they will soon realize that it is 'all' broadly based upon (and dependent upon) the usefulness and/or justification for the existence of "The Military/Surveillance Industrial Complex"... intermittent wars... internal / external conflicts... threats of crime & terrorism... suspicion/distrust... military personnel and weapons-manufacturers, etc. (e.g. Lockheed Martin / Bell Helicopter / The Boeing Company / The Pentagon / The Utah Data Center / Dugway Proving Grounds / Area 51 / the infinite number of occupied Army, Air Force & Naval Bases locally & abroad / and all that trickles-down from there 'economically' / etc., etc., etc.).

[Note]: There 'IS', and always 'HAS BEEN', an ongoing tug-of-war between good & evil here upon this freewill-propelled / Yin-&-Yang influenced Minefield Earth... The next level beyond is the definitive 'fork-in-the-road' that shall finally slam the rusty iron gates closed behind, which were once opened and available for oscillating in between the two opposing forces. [SM]