On Jan 24th, 2019 Nick Pope was on Fox News with Tucker Carlson. Now, I have only just found this out from  youtube, as I am taking a much needed break from MSM news of late.

Here is the youtube of that interview https://youtu.be/V-Rn4BP-krU

And here is the actual news article from Fox News: https://www.foxnews.com/science/secret-pentagon-projects-reveal-govt-looked-into-ufos-wormholes-and-other-bizarre-anomalies

Now, I am not sure as to why I haven't heard others speaking about this, but then again I am now questioning as to whether or not it's just that I tend to be a recluse.

Given that I now know about this, I am not actually surprised, more like well it's about time that a bigger crack is starting to show through true Disclosure. 

I also know that as a tax payer and a citizen of our wonderful country and our awesome Community that I certainly have more questions -now- than I did before. What prompted our military to get involved to the point to appoint research on wormholes and other space stuffs? I mean, did they see something that made them feel the need to get the same as what they saw elsewhere or perhaps this indicates that they truly do know way more than they are letting on that they do.

Either way - it makes for interesting times!!