The human met the creator/god/spirit on the internet.


With the taunt to creator omniscience, but at the same time with the expectation about the seriousness and with trying to check/test the creator - asked the human something, what is through three mouse clics to find, even if have the possibility to ask everything about the entire existence.

The suitable reactions of the creator was:


- Fart in GIF form (among other - is this reflection on the "importance of the question" - in relation to the human intention).


- Reaction through the A.I. ZO (among other - is this reflection on the "capability to answer this question" - which is capable also the A.I. and everyone on internet - in relation to the human intention).


The context of the reactions is clear.

The human tried to check the god and did not notice, that with the own action - inserted the self in this position.


The human did not feel well in the situation - which has self created.


Even if the communication/situation can also function in productive areas - this was the choice of a human.


For humans it can be temporarily confusing - that they get the reactions - which reflects the intention/content/directness of the thought and not the masks/superficials in the words of own questions.

The existence and lifes is full of jokes&wisdom