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W all have a certain kind of curiosity within us. It’s an automatic pulling force that makes us want to know more. Now some of us have a whole lot more curiosity than others. They usually come in the form of scientists, reporters, Dow sears and now remote viewers. And there’s a whole lot more. Real remote viewers always want to know more. They have a certain kind of programming that lets us stay with it and practice practice practice... it’s what separates the great remote viewers and the part time mediocre rv’ers, who only do it sometimes. I’m not trying to insult anyone whatsoever ever, I’m just letting you know why some remote viewers are so much better than others. 

I am seriously dedicated ever since I had a near death experience September 1st of 2017 and at that time I had only been practicing rv a few times a month for a few months.lol. But now that I am much more motivated for these things it’s all because of curiosity. It’s what made you click on this article, it’s what made us all join on stellar in the first place too I’m sure. It’s a wonderful thing!

my friend Martin gives me targets to remote view every once in a while. Some are very crazy and out of this world but the majority are just normal mundane targets to keep me active and on target, just so I’m not expecting crazy weird targets all of the time. 

This time he tasked me to look at “The eye of Africa” between 11,000 and 13,000years ago... WOW WOW!!!! I saw a very powerful man god, who was standing on a huge podium talking to the little people below.lol. Super crazy stuff. There was lots of water all over the place rushing around most of the buildings. Water turbines were powering some spots but the main central tower had some sort of crazy fusion device rotating and generating lots of energy. Pyramids, roads, ancient tech, and mountains in the background. Everything that that ancient Atlantis had had reported about itself. From Plato to now the legends have all become a part of our knowledge of today. It was a truly amazing target! I did research after I got this revealed to me yesterday and there’s this one video that I’m going to link below that has a pic in it that I saw bits and pieces of during my session. Super fun target to get and I hope you think so too... The question of whether or not this is actually Atlantis is still up for discussion. But I sure think that this is the place *** especially after doing this rv work, it’s like I have a 100% feeling that this is the actual location of Atlantis. But you decide for yourself, I’m only going to present the information...


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unfortunate but the 6th page is missing.... crappppp






unfortunate but the 6th page is missing.... crappppp