Pope Francis has united with other religions to create this document that all “believers" must be taught and abide to. In it he states that all non-believers, or non-religious people, are the biggest threat to our era. In other words, the Cabal-run religions are uniting and turning those they have not been able to brainwash into the enemy. Most of what they say in here sounds wonderful, but this document is a direct threat to freedom, democracy, individuality, and any human being that actually chooses to think for himself. I should also point out that in some cases, it is in direct conflict with itself. Here are my concerns that should make everyone reject this document and religious organizations altogether. It basically states:

~Individualism is bad. (What happened to the diversity push? Didn’t we come here to be individuals?)
~If you don’t buy into one of the religious philosophies in which the Cabal is running, then you are a religious extremist. If you choose to be an atheist or agnostic, than you are destroying yourself and the world, and you are a threat.
~If you do not conform to their definition of families, then you are an “evil threat".
~All children must be brainwashed through “education” into our “religious teachings. In this way we can confront tendencies that are individualistic” or anything else that may cause us to label you an extremist for not buying into the philosophies that we dictate to you.
~Everyone must avoid “unproductive discussions”. (I assume they aren’t referring to water-cooler conversations, but conversations that are not in line with what they want us to believe about religion and government.)

So what exactly do they plan to do to those they have deemed a threat? I now see why religious organizations must be taken down. Their purpose is to control the world, not just their followers. They have literally united against individuals who think for themselves. The non-religious weren’t a threat to them before, but perhaps we are now.