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In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast we discuss the Pascagoula UFO Aliens Abduction with the man himself Calvin Parker.

TruthSeekah Interviewing Calvin Parker

Calvin Parker’s story went viral in 1973 after he and his friend Charles Hickson reported to the local Pascagoula Mississippi police department that they were abducted by space aliens. This case made national news and soon their story became a worldwide phenomenon. Calvin talks about how the two went fishing shortly after their long shift at work at an old shipyard in Pascagoula Mississippi. Shortly into their trip the two noticed blue lights behind them that at first glance seemed to be the lights from a police patrol car (after all, they were illegally trespassing onto private property to fish). When all of a sudden the lights were immediately upon them and the lights was actually some type of UFO space craft. Calvin says that a door on the ship opened up and three humanoid aliens floated through the door and towards the men. Two of the beings grabbed Hickson and the other grabbed Calvin and as soon as it did Calvin immediately went limp and believes that he was injected with some type of sedative by the beings. Calvin says that there was something different about these beings, He says that they seemed to be robotic in nature almost as if to only be carrying out orders. Aboard the ship Calvin says that he was taken into an examination type room and laid out on a table where another feminine type alien being comes in to check on him. He says that this being then sticks her long pointy finger into his mouth down into the back of his throat as he begins to choke. The being then begins to send telepathic signals to Calvin telling him not to fear and that everything is going to be alright. Soon after this Calvin and Charles wake up back in the location that they were taken only to see the beings that took them floating back towards their ship and then vanish into thin air.
Listen to the full interview with Calvin Parker as he goes into great detail about his abduction in 1973 as well as his repeat encounters with these beings.

Pascagoula UFO Alien Abduction Mississippi 1973 | Calvin Parker

Purchase Calvin Parker’s book PASCAGOULA-THE CLOSEST ENCOUNTER: MY STORY and support him directly here.

UFO abduction Pascagoula
UFO abduction Pascagoula

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