Talked to Jr today in spirit.  As hard as it is to believe (and write down), he did tell us today that Cassey Hathaway was helped by a Bigfoot and not a bear.  He spent two nights in freezing temperatures and could not have survived otherwise by most accounts.  He also mentioned that the Greys had something to do with the Bigfoot race.  They like it and helped the line.  They like it because of its nature.  Not sure if they actually created it or where involved in some hybrid program of it. 


Another random thing I got some confirm on was the moon.  Most of us suspect it, but the moon was not always here.  It was first a large piece of space rock and was built up from that.  It is more or less a ship. It can move.  It is run like a business.  It came after the Mars tragedy.  Like a gift to Earth, so to speak, to help things along. He directed us to look into Chaco Canyon in New Mexico, where they documented the lunar cycles in stone.


Also asked who was The Vitruvian Man (link) model was for Da Vinci.  Turns out that was based on Francesco Melzi.  The dedicated student he had in the last ten years of his life. The face was more a "mix-in" of Da Vinci's common style.  Francesco was much younger.  But the hair and form are right.


We also talked a bit about the Akashic and at what layer that is recorded on.  It is at the Planck scale level and in our space-time.  I have more on that for another article.  But as we move ( and everything moves) through space, we lay-down a recording like long DNA strands, all interconnected.  After a few more questions, he said he was bored and sang a short bit of "Whiskey River" for some reason and was gone.