This medium is practical for some connections.


For example for training/regaining of the own/spirit technology/tool/possibility and not need/be not addicted/dependent on the human physical/material technology; in other words - use the human temporary technology *as bridge* for the connections&return in our natural technology of the spirit.


This possibility potential - is big - about the human technology collapse, therefore is wise this now to use in practical way, to stay in (conscious) connection, no matter the form/type of technology for communication.


The time of silence is loud and chaotic for those - which are depend on habits/superficial programs/temporary possibilities (they do not recognize the clarity of the voices/transmission interaction in variety of communication).

For practice/experience/training:


Is only one universal law/construction/core, which every others schemas/programs/roots/branches included (but schemas/programs and forms/fruits are changeable in the setting of every world/thought in the existence; this is the only one construction - which can not the creator/I to change it and is therefore valid for every possibility/thought/spirit/all/existence) "the cause contains the consequence - precisely fit/according to the intention".


Recognize/cognize the self/spirit:


Use the idea/thought tool:


Are many possibilities/tools for contact/connection/communication:


See again/recognize/cognize the variations of worlds and the traveling between: