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And so, the Chataqua continues.... 

I first came across Carl Gustav Jung's“Individuation”in a dusty library full of antiquated books in my old senior school in the true heart of darkness, 'Good Ol' Blighty'.


Whilst my contemporaries were busy staking out their male prowess with acts of barbarous medievallary in varying measures, [there were few escapees], such was the ethos of the day.


My own proclivities, demanded a space away from that crowd – a place where I was free to explore the mysteries of being, within and beyond. Ordinary life in 70's 'Inglund' was not ideally suited to those vested with minds wrought of metaphysics and other-world consciousness, thus publications like Omni magazine and Project Bluebook were necessary receptacles for my curiosity, but that was just the beginning..


If memory serves me correctly Jung introduces, 'Individuation', with the following words,


There is nothing so bad in man that good cannot come of it.


As simple as it is, my grasp of its meaning at that time was less than complete, but that in no way impeded my fascination with notions of the Anima Mundi, projection, and of course, archetypes.


The information gained supplemented my earlier journeys into the Greek myths, altruism and heroism. I also began to read books on hypnotism and the supernatural to deepen my insight. Although one might not at first see the connection to the emerging subject this diverse background has proved useful.


Gradually, different dimensions of the statement that,

There is nothing so bad in man that good cannot come of it”,

became ever clearer, with it too, the understanding that the reverse must also be true.


Jung talked of the ego and superego, but unsurprisingly, my shallow forays were unable to uncover the inner details about the nature of 'the beast'.


It has taken me over 30 years to get a basic grasp on the the subject matter, and certainly any esoteric text worth reading discusses 'ego' in depth for although central to the human experience, it is almost impossible to check and like a multi-dimensional Jokari window, it is a medium through which evil can not only slide in and dominate, but proliferate to the point of madness.


Unchecked it is the cause of all wars, greed, violence and very possibly a direct causeway to 'Satan' itself. No doubt, Escher would have lost his mind trying to represent this, such is its complex fractal insidiousness.


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The nature and mechanics of the ego are almost impossible to describe in a universal and black-box type analysis.  Metaphysics and philosophy are better suited as exploratory instruments because the realm of ideas and the inferential power of language is able to resolve subtle and abstract impressions of its character through tortuous triangulation and metaphor.


By examining the object of our enquiry through the lens of the financial markets, paying particular attention to its dynamics, modus operandi and effects, I hope that its predatorial and chimeric substance will be revealed.


It is an unfortunate truth that most of us we 99%'ers, are scrambling to either survive or hold on to our ever eroding assets before total descent into a 'Hunger Games' society.


As we proceed we can understand that its invisibility in language is indicative of its hidden and exponential power, in fact the greater the umbrageous and unintelligible the element, the more its force is multiplied.


This is a time so rife for financial obfuscation, trickery, outright skulduggery and theft that it is almost universally expected, subconsciously if not consciously. What else explains the acceptance of bank bailouts, 'haircuts', quantitative easing, [QE] imposed austerity on the people while corporations get kickbacks, 100% tax-relief, and are free to enter the secret high frequency trading racket, where multi millions are turned to billions daily whilst simultaneously the masses are daily being made to go to the wall, in fact it is the assets of the people that are buoying the insatiable appetites of the psychopathic elite.


This arena and associated elements can be used as a tentative case study for the otherwise inscrutable operations of how the ego operates in that and other spheres.


Crypto-currency: a vehicle for financial control & the elimination of cash


Max Keiser and myriad other financial guru's have been pushing the 'miracle' of

Crypto-currencies [CC] with unbridled enthusiasm. CC's are not real, but virtual although some players claim they are being backed by art, materials, precious metals it is very difficult to verify that. The majority like the main CC known as Bitcoin, at its origin, is computer coding (or a data-stream), called the blockchain supposedly impervious to manipulation.


However, even on this foundational premise we enter controversy. Just last year Roger Vere, known as 'Bitcoin Jesus' split from Bitcoin and developed Bitcash which photo-copied Bitcoin blockchain datum, altered the protocol, and developed the computing support network using Amazon servers in an attempt to hijack Bitcoin. Unfortunately he was successful to an extent. Owing to this counterfeit many were sent to the cleaners and Vere made out like the bandit he is. [According to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QX4A8m9qonk]


Before proceeding further, it is useful to make a distinction, at least for descriptive purposes. As mentioned before, there are different manifestations of ego chiefly referring to levels of its complexity and refinement, i.e., lower ego related to survivalism, animal and reptilian instincts and the higher ego which is connected to enlightened self interest, altruism, humanism and even spirituality. I'm adding another template within this matrix central to consciousness: automatic or reflexive egoand its oft oppositional counterpart, connected consciousness, a relatively rare and self aware manifestation of the ego.

What ego actually is, is one matter, what it does is less inscrutable. Ego manifests as a mercurial psychic substance capable of morphing into any rationale, any personality type/s, with any narrative deemed necessary at the drop of a hat and critically without the host/individual that sustains it, being conscious of the process or even that it exists at all. It it incredibly adaptable to situations, people and environments, ordinarily driven by motives that even when hard pressed the host would simply be unable to identify. [Individuals aware of egoic machinations but consenting to conflicting and fictional narratives for the purposes of gaining some or other advantage, such as many lawyers and politicians are psychopathic in nature].


This means that as the ego develops unchecked, it generates multiple narratives which it seeks to sustain with out the need for coherency between them. I should say that although cross-coherency is not a fundamental requirement the more sophisticated the consciousness, the more sophisticated the ego and by extension its ability to avoid contradictions that have the potential to threaten parallel narratives.


If we consider the implications of this it reveals significant psychological and moral dimensions. First of all, the ability to hold contradictory narratives that are not based on reality and moreover may be constructed for self preservation, self advancement, and/or to wield power over people and situations, necessarily operates in an environment where perceptions and conclusions that flow from these are compartmentalised to fit a narrative complex suited to the 'power' objective. In a lower, reflexive ego this compartmentalisation means that each 'personality branch' is not directly aware of the narrative complex, the evoked or fabricated emotions, experiences and a-priori 'knowledge' associated with other narrative complexes.


This means that each personality branch inhabits a reality of its own. In order to avoid conflict the mental apparatus through which the ego operates blocks out contradictions that other personality branches present allowing several branches to co-exist and function simultaneously within it. This phenomenon is generally known as cognitive dissonance.


If we consider modern media, the frequency and range of the deceptions that they stenographically expel in order to control social and political discourse, the implications lead to some deeply disturbing conclusions. [See the shocking evidence:of media wide scripted news here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhRnIH9s96E]. High rolling news anchors like Fareed Zakaria who found Trump to have become presidential after illegally and immorally dropping bombs in Syria and Brian Williams who also spoke of the 'beautiful pictures,' formed by the bombing. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRHXWpthWgE] These are typical examples of sophisticated psychopathy, They know they are in positions of power, they know unthinking and prejudiced people will follow their lead blind siding the illegality and immorality of unjustifiable and unnecessary war waging and mongering but since they are getting millions of dollars a week to promote the war narrative they do it all the same. They seem oblivious possibly even empowered by how many innocents have been massacred: or are they totally devoid of empathy or conscience? It can be argued that for some this is how psychopathy occurs, incrementally; the continual over-riding of their humanity until inhumanity becomes reflexive and thus automatic.


Another interesting aspect is how these elements of the ego, its apparatus and conduits function in varying degrees of intensity and cross combinations compared to Eric Blair's [George Orwell], description of“double-speak in his dystopian novel, '1984'. Double speak was the strategy of being able to hold 2 or more conflicting narratives simultaneously with the ability to convincingly espouse either upon demand. This strategy was required to survive Immanuel Goldstein's panopticon-like regime, an authoritarian dictatorship that involved political, social and mental domination.


Indeed, in that eerily predictive novel he declared that,


In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”


This somewhat brings us back to the present subject, the Crypto-currency story.

As the ever attentive Ryan Dawson points out in his YouTube interview with Corey Hughes virtually every angle of Crypto-currency operations can be countered and controlled by powerful interests.

Here are some things to consider about Crypto-currencies and the financial system:

1. Coin traders are under money laundering regulations and are legally bound to identify 'suspicious activity'

2. Regular mid to high level transactions get flagged (as are a whole raft of transaction types)

3. A large investor just needs to buy a vast amount of coins to dominate acrypto currency

4. Satoshi Nakamoto is a myth

5. It is possible – probable even that the Intel Agencies created blockchain technology in order to drive people away from hard currencies so that eventually all currency and therefore survival will be controlled electronically by key agencies

6. We already have various credit score systems, and Western Governments are currently playing with Chinese type social credit score systems which determine whether you can buy a house, use a bank or do anything in China

7. India last year banned large Rupee notes and sent millions of poor over the brink, leading to 1000's of deaths and ruing millions of businesses at the bottom end, making the rich even richer as they take up the slack. This is possibly as a test case for Eastern Europe and then the mainland (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYQ8WiyJ2AU)

8. It is believed by many that the CIA and other dark agencies have been using CC's to money launder

9. A massive financial crash of some kind is imminent. Not only has trillions of funds gone into 'black money havens' from asset stripping operations which were opportunistically ramped up post 9/11. Thus multinationals, governments and banks have removed excess profits and the money stolen through QE and endless financial scams, from public proximity. Wars are being proposed just as occurred during the fleecing of the public leading up to WW1 and again after the financial collapse depicted by Steinbeck in“The Grapes of Wrath”, leading to WW2. [See 'All Wars are Bankers Wars' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hfEBupAeo4] [Listen to pin-brain Brit politician Gavin Williamson try to to kick start WW3 for the next phase of the hegemonic and Agenda 2031 population reduction plans as 'all things are allowed under a war economy' https://www.rt.com/uk/451224-uk-military-brexit-boost/]


Crypto-evangelists like Keiser, Hughes, Jeff Berwick and many others know all the above so why do they push this particular 'drug' so hard?

Are they outright lying or do they deceive themselves?


These questions go to the heart of what it means to be an authentic human being and the machinations of a divisive dominant ego that thrives on obfuscating truth. The complex machinery of ego can in essence generate personality holograms that, like demonic possession, have a purpose and rationale all of their own. Indeed, my observations suggest that if these 'holograms' go unchecked a persons psychic and psychological substance can be supplanted with the presence of an external entity.

Unfortunately this happens more often than one might imagine. When one becomes obsessed – that is, they become fanatical about something to the extent that they abandon the safeguards of the rational and or, higher intuitive mind, there is a void that can be filled.


Non-benign and mischievous entities have their own prime directive, to survive at all costs without respect to the well being and even existence of the host. Neither is the presence of such exclusive of the other 'personality holograms' that are running their own narratives.


In the case of Crypto-currency gurus that masquerade as investment experts, their gospel is that CC value will exponentially increase, the fact that as with Bitcoin, the value can drastically fall and even go to zero is often circumvented or otherwise buried with evangelical optimism and (pseudo) technical language.


The guru status these evangelists themselves promote levers the notion that they can and desire to help make you rich, that their insights and knowledge are predictive, oracular and part of a superior humanist school of thought, rather like Tim Berners Lee's claims about the CIA funded internet which is designed primarily as a control system for a totalitarian technological 'smart' grid system. There are many variations on this theme but a few moments listening to Max Keiser will reveal the nature of their charismatic approach. I think this is highly irresponsible. Keiser's ravings about hedging bets on CC or precious metals represents no risk to him and he has everything to gain from your investments – and yet being an intellectual as well as somewhat emotionally intelligent his connected right left-brain activity means that he is acutely aware of the risks he is exposing investors to that take his advice.

He also knows how, and has the means, to, financially manoeuvre rapidly, in the event of a crisis – also he can afford to lose millions where most people cannot!

Which persona then, is the real one, what are the real intentions of these CC guru-evangelists, and what gods do they worship?

A Simple Tool for Self Analysis


Given the nature of the mind and the elusiveness of the ego that functions through it, it is very difficult to know just where we are on the spectrum of consciousness and therefore how far and in what trajectory the reflexive and/or higher ego has developed. Being a complex mechanism that invariably takes control of our mental apparatus and shapes our perceptions it is hard to identify objectively the degree to which you are controlled by your ego and its myriad manifestations and personas. The ego, as mentioned before, has the ability to block information and govern awareness. Mental processes can wholly come under its aegis to the extent that even your analytical faculties can be influenced by it, however, there is a way to short-circuit it in the case of a high level of dominance that is blocking your self awareness. 


This method is activated by a simple question, but it is unlikely to work where the ego has subsumed the root personality or where possession has taken place. 


One must simply ask oneself, if, as a rule, what you say is what you do.


This exercise has little value if you are not absolutely sincere and determined to accept the facts that are reflected through this process of self questioning; one must resist the urge to edit events, excuse failures and otherwise explain away inconsistencies between word and action. Simple as it sounds, the process can appear brutal and painful, as there are many compromises we make in life that we spend energy and time to bury from ourselves, especially when no one else is witness to what these are.


Never-the-less the degree to which you are consonant with what you tell and commit to others to do reveals 1 of 2 things. You are either an 'ego' that has evolved to such an extent that you follow your proclivities regardless of who gets hurt or the consequences that flow from your actions, [or lack thereof]. This is an evolved ego that has somewhow entered the realms of psychopathy. 


Or, through sincere contemplation you become aware that your word and deed are divergent. This reveals that you are running different personality holograms.


The deeper you contemplate the matter, the more information about how and why you behave incongruously will gradually be revealed - as it takes time to untangle and eventually reverse the process of 'self hypnosis' that has allowed you to run the conflicting programs. Any discipline that purports to be spiritual or enhance consciousness necessitates this process in some or other variant as consciousness is self awareness. Thus this process of self analysis cannot be circumvented on the path to wisdom, integrity or spirituality. Of course self aware people can also choose to be psychopathic as described in the paragraphs concerning the Alt Right, dark magik, power politics and ONA9. In the end you will be delivered to that which you have devoted your energy to, there is no sleight of hand that can prevent it.


  “You're either with us or against US.”



 Image courtesy of: [https://theaxisofego.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/axisofego06-940.jpg]


Echoing post-millenial Neo-Con disaster politics (a variation on Naomi Kleins disaster capitalism as discussed in her 2009 book, 'The Shock Doctrine'), the above statement is the rallying cry of the unrepentant egoist. The guru persona is heavily leveraged in the atmosphere of apocalyptic/eschatological Rapturist fervour.

Whilst the masses of economic datum indicate that the current economical system is due for a catastrophic 'correction' as much of those funds generated by the TARP, by QE, bank bailouts and the hoovering up of residual wealth from mortgages, personal and business loans into hidden repositories and offshore accounts has allowed corporations to monopolise the markets. Food, fuel, clothes, travel have consequently rocketed in price and inflation although artificially controlled is actually very high. In practise this has devalued many currencies and there is not enough real money in circulation to capitalise industry and settle usuristic debt.


This latest round of proselyting over a new socio-economic revolution is similar to the DOT.COM bubble, although the internet has a potential to liberate and revolutionise, it has only delivered a fractal of the claimed transformation. After all the rhetoric and aggrandisement, as the dust settled, a few did indeed make exponential fortunes but the majority were losers, and the internet itself is going through a regime of censorship,  subversion and repression which is even worse than that of Macarthyism.

Cunningly, TPTW2B have laid financial ordinance through a variety of mediums one being Crypto-currency to allow them to perform the final financial coup d'etat.






Image courtesy of: [https://forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?p=1059074731]


If Crypto-currency is the panacea for the Crypto-evangelists, war is the panacea of the banker-elites. War will allow them to cover over the genocidal suffering they have caused and will continue to cause moving into the future.


Many question how it is possible that TPTW2B are promoting a nuclear WW3 when the result would be global devastation.


The question is a crucial one, but exploring more carefully the machinations of the ego, and what we could term as its psychopathic left fork so humorously personified in Kubrick's 1964 film, 'Dr. Strangelove', it becomes clear that the ability of those with inflated ego's to make critical judgements are severely impaired. Their ability to self analyse is almost entirely absent, sound familiar?


Image from Kubriks 1964 satirical film, Dr Strangelove concerning the madness of mutually assured destruction [MAD]


Psychopathy, is a symptom of a metastasised ego. The Yin of self aggrandisement, privilege and self-preservation becomes so dominant that it turns into its opposite, the Yang of self-debasement, disadvantage and self-destruction. Such deeply distorted conditions do not require logic, balance or empathy, in fact they thrive on contradiction, mischief, sophistry and deceit.


Thus the dangers of a misanthropic ego and all the permutations implied therein begin to emerge from the umbrageous.


Consider that the so-called elite, TPTW2B, are largely responsible for the following:

Mass Exploitation


Human Trafficking

Drug Trade both legal and illegal

Colonial/Imperialism/Manifest Destiny/Fortress Europe/Migration programs

Eugenics/ Vaccine programs




Gender dysphoria

Extreme Pornography

Snuff Movies

Resource exploitation

Deforestation/destruction of ecology

Big (Bad) Pharma



The Neo-Cons have been promoting a life destroying prospectus


With rudimentary analysis the connection between Neo-Conservatism, Schofield-bible-Christianity, Nazi ideology, deep ecology, militarism, neo-colonialism and the Alt-Right is also transparent [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9SM2dm93VY] & [http://en.kalitribune.com/prolegomena-to-any-future-satanism-order-of-the-nine-angles-and-supremacy-of-the-fringe-pt-1/].


The people who fail to make these connections seem to be under the behest of the ego's capacity for cognitive dissonance as explained above. They are in denial. In this context the vaunting and shoving about of what unfortunately have become cringe-fully misunderstood Americanised stock clauses: Communism, Marxism and Socialism, serve only to obfuscate the political and historical landscape rather than illuminate it. Perhaps this is exactly what the educators of the day desire.


Swallowing propaganda wholesale serves those that set the agenda.  Education, critical and balanced, open minded analysis is the antidote.

All 3 are equated with the worst excesses of Bolshevism, Trotskyism, Maoism, Nazism, the Khmer Rouge and other heinous manifestation of a maligned philosophy in action.

But if you actually study the philosophy of Marx and Socialism as a whole, NO – NOT WHAT YOU HEAR ABOUT IT ON THE MEDIA OR THROUGH HEARSAY – actual, first person analysis and study from a few different sources. J.K Galbraith, Gary Bateson, obviously Marx himself and many others – and [here's the kicker], you compare it to the teachings of Jesus, you will find that certain core principles such as taking care of the most vulnerable, sharing resources and eliminating usury are synonymous. I know those Republican or Conservative types are fixated on private ownership, and non intervention from the state, but you will, if you study without filters, realise that these notions are not necessarily incompatible and that Marx's ideas were a working hypothesis, albeit with non exploitative co-ownership of the means of production at its heart.


There are of course other economic models worthy of study, such as the Steady State or Zero Growth, and even William Morris's artisanal manufacturing model updated by Schumacher and to an extent by Toffler in his global technological village concept but these preclude the possibility of an elite 1% and thus have never been given proper airtime or the oxygen of resources and development. In fact since the advent of nano-technology in the 90's the latter system which could generate a relative utopia, (that and efficient energy generation, life cycle industries etcetera), have been fiercely resisted by the psychopathic elite.


In fact, the deeper you go and the wider your sources the connection between socialism and libertarianism might surprise. Libertarianism after all, in its true meaning is premised on freedom, and that's what all these philosophies seek to achieve. Freedom from the bondage of exploitation and wage slavery – who could argue with that?


Die Grunen, the German Green Party took it one step further in their declaration,


We are neither Left nor Right, we are in front!”


But hey, my role here is not to persuade, but to present. I try to convey the best quality info I can, with the same high standards of integrity that I would like from others, (do unto others as you would have done unto yourself).


The rest is up to you, your powers of interpretation, your intention, and if how you've got your filters set.


Musical interlude: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYoju0OVJIE]


Continuing on, let me connect some dots so those brought up in binary paradigms (yep, that includes me ; #) get a 'rounder' view no-less because, Left and Right are meaningless as defining political statements; all inputs depend on interpretation.


Some Alt Right adherents (like the hapless Tommy Robinson, [see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZn721uOWLM], think that they are taking up the chalice of the noble white race as specified by Dugin, Kerry Bolton, David Myatt, Spencer, however, the true meaning of the origins and word-smithery of the movement is highly misleading. All but Robinson are of high intellect and of these, certainly Myatt and Spencer have cunningly created highly misleading narratives in the form of political doctrine based on the Order of the 9 Angles or ONA9 – a variation on Ordo Templi Orientis, Crowley's vile version of esoteric yoga. ONA9 is a deep Satanistic/nihilistic cult which uses a curious mix of Germanic and cosmic mythology, manifest destiny, white supremacy and magikal 'fascination' to excite and prepare the acolyte for a journey into a soul destroying self abnegation.


Image courtesy of: [http://i67.tinypic.com/35mfb84.png]


This means that what have been reduced to token memes of Left and Right are deeply subversive, but not necessarily in ways that we are programmed to believe – this goes back to the doctrine of the mother of all lies, (Crowley), the black magik of inverting meaning so black becomes white and white, black so that reality is turned on its head, inside out and backwards. Some of Lynch's scenes in the purposely vacuous narrative in the Lost Highway and Twin Peaks depict this. The very act of seeking meaning in such psycho moral inverting garbage sets you upon the path of nihilism, perversion, disconnectedness and contempt. In a sense Alt Right guru's, and their philosophical antecedents Heidegger, Hegel, Freud and Bernays are all masters of Double Speak and cognitive dissonance. Their own highly developed ego's use complex sophistry to sustain multiple conflicting and ultimately self negating narratives. It is like the oxy-logik of Ergo Cogito Sum, the sequential displacement of terms confounds materialism as the cause and consciousness as the effect. Elegant but vacuous sophistry. Alt Right pioneers have taken this principle into the realm of political populism. Using the fig leaf of white supremacism, they have spawned a pseudo-heroic philosophy that appeals to vulnerable ego's in order to draw them into a very dark arena that has strong parallels to the various hells described in Dante's Inferno or depicted by Bosch.


Words are their chief medium, but 'man' is not a tabula rasa, 'he' is, however, an historical being. 'Man' draws on subconscious material, past experiences, thoughts and emotions to populate the canvas of 'his' mental apparatus filling in the holes of our perceptions. To seek to make sense of things is a very human endeavour, however, the internal dialogue [narrative] that determines our relationship to ourselves and the outside world depends on the specific combination, intensity and context of words, feelings and images. If such can be masterfully manipulated beliefs can be projected, formed, fomented and even implanted into people without their knowledge and/or, one can be incrementally tip-toed toward certain world-views so the transition from one order of perception to another occurs without detection.


The Alt Right talk about the need to negate the self in order to experience the divine, but like Crowley, they mean not divine, but its opposite. They appeal to high philosophical notions, (as is common in Eastern philosophical approaches to self enquiry), by specifying the need to develop a plasticity of the mind encouraging adherents to infiltrate and become prominent in groups that oppose their root white supremacist beliefs. David Myatt, for example eventually became a Moslem and virulently promoted militant/Wahhabhiist Jihadist doctrine. (See Myatt's masterful sophistry and performance here, whilst watching this consider that he is a white supremacist and is on record saying that he enjoys or at least enjoyed violence, indeed ONA 9 demands it): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2D1EGASLaSU. He is fully aware that the word Jihad has been hijacked by the Neo-Con serving media, and the Alt Right, as well as post Hashashim savage and anti-human cults, and the true meaning is a spiritual one; to face the inner conflict of self mastery in order to achieve god-consciousness. These complex subversive doctrines pushed by the Right, Neo-Cons and Al Quaeda /Wahhabi type militants draw the susceptible into a world of violence and self destruction. This nihilism is precisely the Satanic, Left-handed path that all benign doctrine whether derived from common sense, esoteric or humanist traditions and/or true Islam and Christianity vehemently warn against. There are those that start off innocently as Conservative but migrate over to the Alt Right and are taught through a drip-drip process of deception to manipulate both themselves and others. The deeper they enter into that path the more they are pressured to abandon morality, empathy and critical analysis for the sake of ideological rewards that will never materialise. Myatt et al, serve a dark master, whether they are fully conscious of this or not is difficult to say. It is also difficult to comprehend their overall rationale if that is the right word, however, initially power and control over events, situations and people is what lures most toward the 'dark axis'. In reality the body of their doctrine is designed to make malleable acolytes prepped to imbibe twisted and hateful inspiration buried in the obscurity of exotic notions and grandiose platitudes. They wish to instil levels of perverted military type discipline and to recreate hellish sadism, paedophilia blood sacrifice and sodomy.


Sound familiar?


Not only does military conduct in the many wars of conquest mirror this prescription of horror and blood sacrifice but so do computer games, Hollywood production values and internet pornography.


Haven't we all read about the atrocities at Abu Graib; 'torture queen' Haspell's practices, Gaddafi's gruesome sodomisation and murder, atrocities in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Palestine, Sudan, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Ukraine, routine and ongoing drone assassinations in Afghanistan and gun massacres even closer to home?


These things fit into extreme Left paradigms too, because the unchecked false persona (ego) that imbibes this soul/life destroying programming loses early its capacity for moral discrimination. From our formative years we are schooled into the binary schism of a scarcity psychosis which drives out the light and generosity that is our birthright.


Crowley is for the self, Christ is for the people, get the connection?


Socialism entails society acting as a co-operating collective based around creating abundance and beneficence to all. Human ingenuity and natures bounty can be combined to realise wealth, health and security. Our energies should not to be used to fight for 'power in the flock', or behave dog-like, for scraps of meat tossed to us by the psychopathic elite.


For those who refuse to explore Socialism thoroughly it is a fact that the elite are very partial to it. Indeed their monopolism is based on social welfare for the rich and austerity and survivalism for the rest. In other words the system is rigged so that the elite "privatise the profits and socialise the losses" (Stealth Public Bailout of Countrywide: , Nouriel Roubini).


Capitalism, in its pure form and in the short term is not the worst offender; but it does rely on exploitation, divisiveness, and is often brutal due to its use of scarcity politics.


The current system is not Capitalist but far worse, it is Disaster Monopolism. Crypto-currency is part of this rigged system. Currently, CC can be safely used as a medium of exchange, but long-term something more robust and perhaps less abstract will evolve. In the meantime (to my knowledge) a hand full of individuals are working hard tracking and developing the means and systems necessary to counter whatever it is TPTW2B have up their sleeve. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QfFkRpUbMYw].


Successful long term commerce whether in friendship or business, relies on trust, integrity, good decisions and ingenuity. Although the Ayn Rand's of this world may like to compartmentalise societies and set them into a matrix of throat-cutting competition, working alone is not an option, (neither is it much fun). The challenges that TPTW2B are cooking up, 'we' think, are going to present some interesting opportunities, so things are far from hopeless.


As I write, this precise minute I have just received a statement on today's humble trading. Almost every trading day in the last 2 months a considerable net profit was achieved, whilst the costs and organisational procedures to begin trading in this system have been kept to a minimum and thus are eminently achievable by the majority in the global North but also the ME and of course the Tiger economies. This system takes advantage of Crypto-currencies whilst they are still 'unmolested' by TPTW2B, chiefly in order to move funds around at speed, privately and at very low cost.


If you are interested in advancing and preserving your wealth, whether you are of relatively humble means or a high roller you can access reading materials with no nonsense case studies of how to get things started without exposing yourself to unnecessary risks by emailing Dr. Peter Goldmann:  WHLF@planetmail.net.


To these ends the World Health and Liberty Foundation is looking at new ways to help preserve and promote wealth, security and abundance for those with limited investment potential. Added to this the Bitgold system run by Dr. Goldmann [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QfFkRpUbMYw] is not only a source of inner-side info, but the repository of real-world systems that are designed to shield those with ambition, goodwill and means from the coming storm. The story doesn't end there though, but it would be premature to speak of emergent innovative strategies in the pipeline intended to help people to prosper, sustain and survive, especially those with modest means.


Whatever your resolve, I pray you make good sound choices and hope to see you intact, vibrant and prospering without even a dent on your goodwill and faith in humanity. 


Peace Out.

Hope to see you on the other side.




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