In the rock n' roll fantasy book "The Memoirs of Billy Shears," which may prove to lead back to Paul McCartney and be synched with his music and albums, the author Thomas E. Uharriet shares that the original Paul, or the biological one before the supposed double, had prophetic dreams about his death and replacement.  The first chapter of the book starts off with Billy or Paul's double confessing, "Almost everything about me taking Paul's place was made possible because of the series of dreams that Paul had, showing his death and me replacing him -- and my dreams of Paul showing me how."  A little further into the chapter we learn that, "Those dreams provoked the theme of "Yesterday" and engendered material used in most of his other songs for the rest of his life."  And then the book further down brings up, "Hardly a day ever passed without Paul discussing one of his horrific nightmares" with his band mates, his girlfriend Jane Asher, his family, as well as other famous musicians and counter culture figures of the 1960s.  So this begins the reason why there are so many famous people supposedly in-on the Paul is Dead (hoax or reality); and have gone along with it all these years.


According to "Memoirs" the song, ""Yesterday" describes him suddenly not being half the man he used to be" because of these horrific nightmares.  The book describes in the first chapter, ""Why she had to go, I don't know."  Yet, everyone knew his romantic life had nothing to do with a woman leaving him.  The Ashers were all family to him.  Jane was with him for the rest of his life.  They were both very securely in love."  So the book makes the case that most of the McCartney Beatle songs from January 1965 until his alleged death in September of 1966, contain clues about his impending death and that a new man would take his place in the Beatles; and how his death would affect his family and friends.  Supposedly according to the chapter, "The song, "I'm Down" was in response to the remaining Fab making jokes about his blues over his persistently haunting dreams."  The book goes on to reveal, "Having just seen my face, which to Paul was as the face of death..."  or the face of Billy (Shears) brings new context to the song, "I've Just Seen A Face."


From a paranormal researcher's standpoint what is interesting here is that according to this book, the original Paul McCartney, or biological Paul, must have been a pretty good psychic.  Since these dreams were numerous according to the book, we can conclude that McCartney was probably seeing the future since early childhood; he must have had prophetic dreams about other events throughout his life, even though "Memoirs" does not go into it.  So this ability could not have been new to Paul since 1965, since he was taking this all so seriously enough to upset a man on top of the world.  


Certainly Beatles song lyrics can be interpreted many, many different ways.  So "The Memoirs of Billy Shears," although fitting together nicely into a Paul is Dead sequence and synchronicity, after all is only another twist on the meaning of these songs that have been interpreted by millions with thousands of interpretations from scholars to fans to critics.  But the interesting thing is that if you take a McCartney Beatle song from before his alleged death, that was not talked about in the book, like the song "You Won't See Me," we begin to see that the pattern might be real, as it seems to show up again like the book promises. 


The popular interpretation or origin of the song, "You Won't See Me," was a fight between Paul and his beloved girlfriend Jane, probably the same one in "Yesterday."  But many folks can agree, and also backed up in the book, that this glamorous love affair at the time, was hardly in jeopardy; and the lyrics seem a bit of an exaggeration of a fight between lovers who seemed to both have it all.  But still we have the dramatic:


"I don't know why you should want to hide
But I can't get through, my hands are tied
I won't want to stay, I don't have much to say
But I get turned away
And you won't see me, you won't see me"


Why were Paul's hands tied?  Probably not because he was a stubborn young buck, but rather because he knew that these prophetic dreams were likely to mean that his fate had been tied to an early death.  He does not want to stay this way; but he has no say in the matter of fate.  And Paul gets turned away from Jane because she, like the rest of the Beatles and friends, think it is a sad joke or mean game to play in a love relationship.  But Paul knew he was a good psychic and could see his permanent end; and he knew that if Jane could not see the truth,  she wouldn't see him for good.  Interesting, huh? Let's continue...


"Time after time you refuse to even listen
I wouldn't mind if I knew what I was missing
Though the days are few they're filled with tears
And since I lost you, it feels like years
Yes, it seems so long, girl, since you've been gone
And I just can't go on
If you won't see me, you won't see me"


Certainly Jane could not believe in prophetic dreams, and refused to listen to Paul's outlandish nightmares.  Certainly Paul was missing Jane in their little love tat; but Paul knew from his dreams that his days were few, and certainly tears must have filled his days.  Paul knew from his dreams that he lost Jane for good, even though she thinks it is short.  So no it was not some Romeo falling to his death, Paul must have really had a difficult time getting through his dark last days.  So Paul knew that if Jane could not get over her frustration and get back to seeing him again, it might be too late and she would never see him (the real Paul) again.