I want to start out by giving my apologies for this article; however, this is the only place on the Internet where I feel comfortable to share all the emotions of which last night's episode conjured within me.

I love sci-fi - all forms, all sorts... well not the poorly written ones that are at current rival to The Orville. Last night was a roller coaster of emotions with F2B 1000th episode and also with The Orville's episode, "Identity happening on the same night. I greatly enjoyed being in the #F2B sandbox with fellow faders on Twitter last night, great pictures great tweets and wonderful hearing from the callers sharing in Jimmy's memory lane.

I do not know how much of you in our community are fans of The Orville; however, last night's episode was a true classic in all stages of great Sci-Fi. It brought many thoughts of our own on-going eager plans for A.I and our inner fear for that A.I. As Humans, we do attach ourselves to non-biological things, because that is what we do... we seen not to be able to help that we do that. We show and give our affections to animals, insects, project our feelings, how we should feel and what to expec to feel onto other non-human types. Perhaps it is because we are social beings and having souls; a life force that is all curious to all questions, easy and hard ones, yet no matter how difficult the question seems to be, we relish in striving for that quest to find the answer.

The crew of The Orville, took Iassac back to his planet, because he was broken and they couldn't fix him. They treated him as any other being: they joked, they included him, they were themselves around him giving him that chance to learn and to experience biological beings. Despite how many times he reminded them all that he had no emotions, that he was superior, those words did not deter Clarie or her two boys from still having feelings for him - and that stood out to me greatly.
Imagine the day when we finally, physically are able to see another lifeform before us, regardless of what they look like, how they appear to be or act, some part of all of us will still -want- to attach some form of emotion/feeling to them, even if it would be at our peril; As Humans, perhaps we form attachments to fullfill that -need- to connect with that which is beyond ourselves; to feel that need not to be alone in this Universe.
I hope that these words resonate with you, as within our Community, what unites us all throughout our diverse fields of study, experiences or research, none of us want to be -alone- in this section of space in our solar system. So, when a TV programe demonstrates so perfectly how true that is... I simply can not resist from sharing my thoughts of it.

If you have not watched last night's episode of The Orville, please watch it and have a box of tissues and a stress ball at the ready.

Thank you for reading.

Kind Regards,